Friday 27 February 2009

Running with the Fash Pack...London Fashion Week A/W 09

It is always a challenge when taking Street Style photographs to create interesting is ridiculously easy to fall into the trap of just having the subject strike the "standard pose" (directly facing the camera) which gets the shot but doesn't necessarily make for inspiring viewing. This is particularly so around Fashion Week when everyone is rushing from show to show and/or has been asked to pose for a photograph a zillion times that day. I try and not do the "same old, same old" but inevitably my nerves and lack of courage to, for example, ask the person I am photographing to move to a better location, get the better of me and I end up not getting the photograph I envisaged.

Apart from The Sartorialist, the other blog I am completely addicted to is Garance Doré : her street fashion photographs are simply outstanding. Every day I am almost too afraid to look at her blog for fear of being overcome by jealously at her latest offerings and sinking into a deep, dark depression. Her photographs are just THAT good. I work casually at a photographic agency in London and while the work of those photographers fills me with envy (and inspiration!), I know that behind each shot is some serious styling, make up artists, hair stylists, lighting etc. Not so with street style photography. It all comes down to having an eye for the stylish and beautiful, thinking quickly and shooting fast. Which is what Garance does so exquisitely.

I think one of the most important things in street fashion photography is background. Take a look at The Sartorialist's latest photograph (a girl with a red coat, beige skirt and jaunty feathered hat). What makes the photograph so likable (apart from the clothes, the gorgeous girl, the wind kicking up her skirt that is!!)? The blue background. If this photograph had been taken on a busy street with street signs, posts, a rubbish bin, whatever, cluttering up the background I don't think it would have looked half as good. The same goes for Garance- her backgrounds are simple, uncluttered, balanced. I have so much to learn (sigh)!

X marks the (fashion) spot:

So this is how you do pale and beautiful (Jade Parfitt, model):

This gentleman's outfit makes me happy AND I love his smile:

He reminds me of a young Yves Saint Laurent:

Love that splash of shocking pink:

And that splash of red:

I couldn't resist a photograph of this little fellow in his flat cap:

Thursday 26 February 2009

Running with the Fash Pack....London Fashion Week A/W 09

Best facial hair moment of the week (above): The Raj Moustache. Love.

This woman was fabulous. She had THE most amazing figure, looked completely stunning and was lovely to chat to as well:

A little bit broody, a little bit preppy and a whole lot handsome:

My absolute favourite photograph of LFW, little Iris (below). I love her gorgeous little tunic, stripey tights, bobbed hair and that tongue!!!:

Beauty powered by Red Bull (below):

Another favourite look (below). The hat just makes the look:

Wednesday 25 February 2009

Running with the Fash Pack...London Fashion Week A/W 09 (Day?!- I've lost count!)

LFW ended with a bang last night with the House of Holland show in Mayfair. Kanye, Pixie, Peaches, Nicola Roberts, Jamie Winstone, Erin O'Connor (who arrived in the LFW Maserati which positively Grrrr-owls) all turned out for Henry Holland's show complete with model and muse, Agyness Deyn (fresh in from NYC). It was a crazy, charged atmosphere with the paparazzi everywhere (one almost ran over my foot on his motorbike) and bemused fashion folk looking on at the circus.

One of my favourite looks of LFW (I think she is Lulu Kennedy, Director of Fashion East...apologies if I have got it wrong):

Mr Kanye West, in da Messy house (outside BFC tent):

I'm still catching up with my processing, so stay tuned for more fashion week photographs over the next few days :)

Monday 23 February 2009

Running with the Fash Pack...London Fashion Week A/W 09 (Day 3)

Today (Monday 23 February 2009) I fulfilled one of my dreams. I got to meet THE most influential fashion and street style blogger in the world. The Master of Street Fashion photography himself: Mr Scott Schuman.....THE SARTORIALIST.

Those of you who follow Scott's blog will know what I mean when I say that I almost wet myself when I spotted him outside the Marios Schwab show: my understanding is that Scott rarely (if ever) comes to London Fashion Week. After double checking that it was indeed Scott (with a another photographer who assured me that it was indeed the great man himself), I mustered enough courage to introduce myself and squeak out a few words. And he was lovely, like REALLY lovely. And friendly. And handsome (those eyes!). I asked if I could take his photograph and he graciously allowed me to. And... no, I am not going to publish it :)

Special moment: when The Sartorialist and Face Hunter greeted each other warmly. We like that :)

So tonight as I process my photos sipping a (large) glass of red, I am feeling rather chuffed and a wee bit giddy ;-) And revived. And refreshed. Despite my musings on Saturday that perhaps LFW had lost its lustre, the arrival of The Sartorialist has laid those fears to rest. LFW is back (if it ever went away in the first place!)

Outside Christopher Kane:

Model Tottie Greer:

Yvonne McKee:

Rockin' those heels and bag (it's almost ALWAYS about great shoes and a great handbag):

These are THE highest, thinnest heels I have spied all week. FIERCE:

Another little fashionista:

Sunday 22 February 2009

Running with the Fash Pack...London Fashion Week A/W 09 (Day 2)

Saturday morning, 21 February 2009. The sun beamed down on London and the temp was positively balmy (well, almost). It was the perfect day for a lie in, lazy brunch and a leisurely read of the weekend papers.

Not for the fashion pack, however, as Saturday morning signalled the second day of LFW A/W 09.

Given the crush the previous day at the BFC tent, I decided to avoid the museum precinct and head straight to the Margaret Howell show in Wigmore Street.

I love the "all vintage" look (or what looks to me like vintage) on the gorgeous girl above. How about those high-ish waisted, stonewashed jeans?!! I think this look should come with a warning though "Approach with caution".... Don't try this look at home unless you are very sure of what you are doing ;-)

Chicago Cubs jacket- tick, cute red pants- tick, grey marl tights-tick, fab shoes- tick. Another young fashion fan in the making (below):

Check these next three something in common? Yep, the high maintenance, manicured beard:

The deck shoe is definitely making a come back (actually, I am so out of touch with fashion right now that maybe it has already come back and is on its way out again!) Whatever. I liked his dressed down but somehow dressed up look:

Killer back, killer suede (check the Face Hunter's blog if you want to see her whole outfit):

I spotted this girl when I was having my post-show coffee in Soho. She was one of the most beautiful girls I have seen in a long time: classic and entirely elegant:

Fashion Pup, Lucy:


Saturday 21 February 2009

Running with the Fash Pack...London Fashion Week A/W 09 (Day 1)

Yesterday (Friday 20 Feb) was the start of London Fashion Week A/W '09 so of course I headed off with my camera to see if I could get a few photos for my project: "London Calling: Running with the Fash Pack". I arrived at the BFC tent at the Natural History Museum to complete chaos: The South Kensington Tube was closed. It was half-term school break (read:thousands of kids, mums and dads had converged on South Kensington to visit the museums). It was the start of LFW (read: hundreds of fabulously dressed fashion editors, buyers, stylists, models and fashion-types had converged on South Kensington to attend the first day of the shows). Bugaboos, comforters and nappies collided with Mui Mui, Westwood and 6 inch Christian Louboutin heels.

It was bitchin'....if slightly stressful for your blogger :)

LOVE the style of these two girls:

Red is the New Blonde?:

Workin' the plunging neckline and oversized shirt...for men:

Crayola Yellow: a sign of things to come for Spring 09:

A young fashionista: LOVE the look on her face. FIERCE!!!

Overall I thought the mood was a little subdued compared to the last two seasons. The "BFC tents" have been reduced to singular "tent" and I noticed a lot more people catching the tube rather than the preferred mode of transport: the taxi or private driver. There just didn't seem to be the "buzz" that usually hovers over the start of LFW. Obviously part of this is due to the GFC (Global Financial Crisis) and, I suspect, partly because there was a one day overlap between the conclusion of NY Fashion Week and the start of London Fashion Week. Lets see what tomorrow brings....

p.s. remember to click on the photos to make them bigger- looks so much better. Honest!