Wednesday 24 June 2009

London Street Style...Colours of Claude Monet

Immediately I saw this dress I thought of a Claude Monet painting (gees I hope it is Claude Monet I am thinking of, or I will look rather silly- please correct me if I am wrong!)- it is the watercolours or something.....Anyway, it was beautiful. And was from Zara :)

p.s. Paris is going well although it is VERY hot and I got stuck in the Metro yesterday for about 25mins on the way to a show. I spotted Usher (I am an idiot, he was standing right in front of me and I thought he looked familar but I didn't think to ask for a photo. I then saw him coming out of Colette but there were so many people about and I didn't want to appear like a Pap so I didn't bother asking if he would pose for me. Fingers crossed I will spot him again.) The Sart and Garance are here, Facehunter, Jak&Jil and a whole host of other bloggers. I haven't got as many photos as I want yet but I am working on it for y'all! I am squirreled away in an internet cafe in the Marais typing this before I have to run to the next show, Bernhard Willhelm at 2pm :)

p.p.s. The Dries Van Noten show was fabulous! The music from this truck that pulls up just before the show starts was absolutely pumping (I suspect I have a wee bit of hearing loss now!) and there was a huge crack of thunder just as the models were on their final walkthru down the catwalk. Everyone started cheering! Good times people, good times :)

London Street Style...The Matryoshka Doll

When I spotted this girl I noticed her boots, the checked shirt, her aviators etc but when I started photographing her I spied her very sweet Martyoshka Doll necklace which kind of reminded me of that fabulous Russian Doll Chanel bag....We started chatting and it turns out her Chanel handbag was stolen last week- grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I would be completely devastated 1. because it's Chanel and 2. because my handbag contains half my life so I would be lost without it. Hopefully someone nice will buy her a new one soon (hint, hint to her boyfriend from both of us!)

London Street Style...Hearts and Glasses

Love the little heart detail on her mustard dress (they kind of look like those heart lollies?)....and see that teeny tiny pendant around her neck? It is her doll's shoe!

London Street Style...Retro-Futuristic

London Street Style...Men Behaving Stylishly (Round 3)

London Street Style...Espadrilles

I have arrived in Paris and I am seeing LOADS of espadrilles on the streets- fabulous! (although I haven't got many photos yet.... Wish me luck for the next few days :))

I photographed this gorgeous women on the street in London. She had a short black pleated skirt on which I wanted to get a photo of but there were too many people about and I couldn't get a "clear" shot. So you are just going to have trust me when I say she looked wonderfully chic :)

p.s. I won't have internet access for the next few days except for if I pop into an internet I won't be able to reply to comments but I will get to them next week!

London Street Style...Monochrome

Simple and Fresh

Black and White

London Street Style...Un shoulder

Love this little blush one shoulder dress.....and the white Chanel 2.55 slung over her other shoulder wasn't bad either!

London Street Style...Stripes and Ballet Flats

Love her style especially those two-tone Chanel ballet flats.

London and Paris Street Style...Electric Dreams

Remember that song "Together in Electric Dreams" from the movie Electric Dreams? Well, I have been humming it in my head since 4:00am this morning (don't ask me why: re the song and the crazy hour... insomnia is a hideous thing). Actually, as I type, I realise that most of you wouldn't even have been born in 1984 when the song came out- arghhhhh I feel so old! You have to watch the clip though... those 80's fashions. Damn Skippy!

What has Electric Dreams got to do with Electric Blue Jeans? um, nothing....except Jeans and Dreams rhyme. Wow, it's going to be a loooooooooong day.

London blue jeans (above) from Topshop

Paris blue jeans (below)

Love how she's blinged up her may not be able to see from the photo but she has a gold smiley face and a tiny little Eiffel Tower attached to the handle of her LV.

p.s. I am cringing- I had a pair of togs (swimmers) almost exactly the same as the electric blue pair with white buttons in the beach scene in the Together in Electric Dreams YouTube clip! You know the really, really high cut togs- the ones that were never, ever flattering and exposed waaay too much hip and leg? I think they were suppose to "lengthen the leg" but instead they just looked kind of odd.

Petite Street Style

I couldn't resist asking if I could take a photograph of these two littlies...they looked so summery and pretty in their sweet little pink frocks.

I love that the little girl (below) pulled her dress out for me to photograph! I didn't ask her to do it- she just suddenly did it :)

London Street Style...Georgia

Remember Georgia? She of the fabulous fringed boots, 70's- style floppy hat and denim shorty shorts? Well, I photographed her again at Graduate Fashion Week!

This time there is no lame-ar*se Austin Powers imitations from me :)

Sunday 21 June 2009

London Street Style...Ruth

Ruth Griffin.
A fashion writer and stylist from Ireland (I have only met a handful of Irish people since I've been in London- what's wrong with me?! I need to meet more!), Ruth writes a daily blog for the Matches stores*. You can check it out here.

And what was she wearing? A floaty, very 1970's Celia Birtwell for Topshop "Mickelmas" jumpsuit.

*warning: do not click on the link if you are feeling stressed, poor and/or in need of a little retail therapy to get you through the Sunday night blues- Matches have their Spring/Summer 2009 sale on now. If you do peek, don't blame me if you end up with a poufy little Lanvin pink cocktail dress, a pair of Azzedine Alaia taupe ankle boots or a Tila March nude and yellow clutch which would all be perfect for right now....I shall not be held responsible!

p.s. but can I please borrow the Tila March clutch maybe? Just once a month or something ;-)

London Street Style...Spots 'n' Stripes on a Bike

I love the little chain/brooch she has looped around her neck and pinned to her cardi.

Paris Street Style...The Cloche Hat

She was just sitting, like this, eating her lunch....

I love Paris.

Only a few more days and I'm back there again :)

Excited? who me?! :):):)

Paris Street Style...The Sweetest Thing

Teenagers in love.
Ain't love the sweetest thing?

For the U2 version of "The Sweetest Thing", click here.

Paris Street Style....Jean-ius

I watched this guy come out of the Tuileries with his wife and little girl. It wasn't until he got in front of me that I spied what was written on the back of his jeans....sometimes that's exactly how I feel :)

Friday 19 June 2009

London Street Style...Wrapped

Fashion Graduate Madeleine Moxham....all wrapped up in the most delicious shades of grey, white, bronze, cream and caramel.

Yes, I took this last week in London. Yes, the weather has been crazy. Baking hot one day, overcast and chilly the next, with a few streaks of lightning thrown in for good measure! The key to dressing? Layers.
Pull them on for leaving the house in the early morning, sitting in the air-conditioning at work, and evening drinks.
Peel them off for walks at lunchtime and the tube ride home (why is always so damn HOT in the tube?).

London Street Style....Some Kind of Blue

Ralph Lauren Blue (above)

I-AM-VINTAGE Blue (below)

London Street Style...Graduate Fashion Week

Yes, it's Vintage
Yes, it's Darling
Yes, it's Vintage Darling!

Tuesday 16 June 2009

London Street Style...Graduate Fashion Week

My favourite model at Graduate Fashion Week- both on and off the catwalk.

London Street Style....Candy-Cane Stripey Tights

London Street Style...Graduate Fashion Week

Junior style at Graduate Fashion Week. Grace (above) deserves special mention. She is 11 and designs all her own outfits. Her dressmaker/tutor, a former couturier, then makes them up for her while teaching Grace how to fit, sew and finish the garments. A future Roksanda Ilincic perhaps?

Sunday 14 June 2009

London Street Style...Graduate Fashion Week

London Street Style...The Man-Clutch

I wondered what the term for a man-clutch was...the mutch? Then I stumbled across the beautiful photographic blog We Could Grow Up Together and learnt that the male purse is called a Murse! It made me giggle. Like Mandles. That term really cracks me up.

Anyway, I love the little story behind this purse. It is a women's vintage purse by a Spanish label where he used to be a designer. He found it tucked away in a vintage store in Spain....inside the purse is a small scarf/handkerchief also by the label. I adore that he has given the purse a new lease of life and it will have new manly adventures out and about in London. Long live the man-clutch :)

London Street Style...Pale Pink and Peonies

"Two-for-a-Fiver", "A lovely Rhodi for a Pound", "4 Herbs for 4 Pound". Ahhh its all the fun of the Columbia Road Flower market on a Sunday morning. I can't decide which is prettier- her dress (from Spitalfields market) or those peonies, my most favourite flower in the whole world. Or the feather earring. Singular- she was only wearing one in her right ear.... I suspect if I tried to wear just one earring now, my friends would ask if I forgot to put the other one in when I was getting ready!

p.s. Her peonies are much prettier than the ones I ended up with: mine are unhatched- I was working on the basis that it is nicer to have fresh flowers for longer rather than for only a couple of days- but looking at them now, I have serious doubts that they will open up. The leaves look kind of dead. There are no signs of life in the buds. They may remain Unhatched Forever. No wonder I got a few strange looks from people on the tube on the way home- "She actually paid money for them?!"

Thursday 11 June 2009

London Street Style...Karolina

London, The Clothes Show 2009

London Street Style....Graduate Fashion Week 2009

Love the flash of Burberry check on the trench and the cut-away black booties.

London Street Style....Pixel Pants

As soon as I saw this guy strolling in these pants, I immediately thought of the street artist, Invader, who creates mosaics resembling characters from the Space Invaders game and, more recently, a project using Rubik's Cubes (his RubikCubist period).

The guy (and the pants!) are from a place near Düsseldorf, in Germany.

Wednesday 10 June 2009

London Street Style...Graduate Fashion Week


The Fashion Wrangler*
Graduate Fashion Week "Style Team Insider"
Fashion journalism/promotion student at University of Central Lancashire (Preston)
Wearer of some very fun pants and a rather naughty tee-shirt :)

Love the way Martin has rolled his pants up....and the Fred Perry Bag

p.s. I got stopped by security yesterday at GFW who wanted to conduct a random bag search-the security guy took one look in the mess that is my bag, rolled his eyes and waved me through.... I think he muttered something to the effect that it would take him a week to look through all THAT stuff! I can't help it: my handbag is my, um, woogie/blankie whatever you want to call it- I need to have it by my side at ALL times because you never know when I might need 6 month old smarties, 4 broken pens, Turkish Lira, 6 old lipsticks, an ID magazine from November 2008 (the one with Lara Stone on the cover), letters from my Aussie friend JK, a screwdriver (don't ask!), lens cleaning fluid and a gazillion napkins from Pret. Oh yeah, and the trusty nikon :)

*geddit? it's a lame (okay, very lame) take on his Wrangler denim jacket...and the fact that he's studying fashion journalism.