Wednesday 24 June 2009

London and Paris Street Style...Electric Dreams

Remember that song "Together in Electric Dreams" from the movie Electric Dreams? Well, I have been humming it in my head since 4:00am this morning (don't ask me why: re the song and the crazy hour... insomnia is a hideous thing). Actually, as I type, I realise that most of you wouldn't even have been born in 1984 when the song came out- arghhhhh I feel so old! You have to watch the clip though... those 80's fashions. Damn Skippy!

What has Electric Dreams got to do with Electric Blue Jeans? um, nothing....except Jeans and Dreams rhyme. Wow, it's going to be a loooooooooong day.

London blue jeans (above) from Topshop

Paris blue jeans (below)

Love how she's blinged up her may not be able to see from the photo but she has a gold smiley face and a tiny little Eiffel Tower attached to the handle of her LV.

p.s. I am cringing- I had a pair of togs (swimmers) almost exactly the same as the electric blue pair with white buttons in the beach scene in the Together in Electric Dreams YouTube clip! You know the really, really high cut togs- the ones that were never, ever flattering and exposed waaay too much hip and leg? I think they were suppose to "lengthen the leg" but instead they just looked kind of odd.


  1. i am amazed at how perfect the brown LV looks when paired with the black.
    the black/brown myth is truly that...a myth!

  2. Together in Electric Dreams = one of my favourite songs of all times. x