Thursday 24 June 2010

Running With the Fash Pack....Australian Fashion Week 2010

The gorgeous Miss Sara again.

p.s. Am madly packing for a little trip to Paris for a couple of days-I just checked the temps and it is going to be hot, hot, hot! See you all when I get back (with some new photographs I hope. I bet a lot of you will be sighing with relief to have a little break from the Aus photographs!)

Melbourne Street Style....A little Bit Willow

Willow top.
At GPO, Melbourne.
Love her ring and bangle...and her cropped hair!

Melbourne Street Style....Sweater Days

Sometimes there is nothing better than slipping on a white tee, throwing on an oversized sweater, and pulling on a pair of jeans.

On the High Street, Armadale, Melbourne.

Running With the Fash Pack.....Australian Fashion Week 2010

Tania Braukämper, Editor,

Running With the Fash Pack....Australian Fashion Week 2010

London Street Style...Summer in the City #1

Ahhhh so this is what you do with all those pretty string and leather bracelets, shell necklaces, and exotic pieces that you buy on holiday*.....pop everything on with a simple summer dress, braid your hair and slip on some sandals like Rikki (an actor from Norway) has here.
Denim teeny-tiny shorty-shorts accessorised with Chanel and stripey tank:
*Does anyone else seem to find themselves buying little pieces of jewellery on holidays (and feeling extraordinarily pleased with oneself because no one else back home will have exactly same thing) and then pulling them out of your suitcase and wondering exactly when/where/how you are going to be able to wear them again? Or is that just me?! I think sun+afternoon cocktails+relaxation turns my willpower to mush :)

Tuesday 22 June 2010

Running With the Fash Pack....Australian Fashion Week 2010

Kat George, Melbourne-based freelance journalist and blogger, whose blog Stylelines you can take a little peek at here.

Running With the Fash Pack....Australian Fashion Week 2010

Nina Stolter, journalist (for Stylesight in NYC), whose fab outfits and even more gorgeous jewellery I kept fawning over during Australian Fashion Week. After oohing and ahhing over her industrial-pretty necklaces, Nina informed me that they are from her own collection, Von Kottwitz jewellery, which she started in 2004 (and named after her mama who is from Berlin).

Each piece is handcrafted by Nina in her studio and is incredibly well priced, especially when you consider how much mass-produced, high street jewellery costs (which every other person is then wearing).

Nina teamed her necklace with her mama's vintage top and Alexander McQueen sandals.

The Parallel necklace in gold....not sure where Nina got her snakeskin leggings and gold top.

Running With The Fash Pack....Australian Fashion Week 2010

Aileen Marr, Fashion Director, Cleo Magazine, in Kirrily Johnston long leather skirt.

Melbourne Street Style....A little bit Collette Dinnigan

Collette Dinnigan dress.

Running With The Fash Pack....Australian Fashion Week 2010

Running With the Fash Pack...Australian Fashion Week 2010

Double-denim broken up with checks.

Thursday 17 June 2010

Karen, Where Did You Get That?

Probably a lot of you are already familiar with Karen from Where Did U Get That blog. But if you aren't, well, meet Karen!

Karen is from London but is now living in New York (lucky thing!) with her boyfriend and while we have been emailing each other for about a year now, we haven't ever met up in real life. So when Karen said she was coming to London and asked whether I wanted to catch up, I jumped at the chance. And took along my camera, of course :)

It was a (non-rainy) summer's day in London and we headed to Somerset House to take some photos. Only problem was, it was the opening night of the Maison Martin Margiela exhibition so we kept getting shuffled along by security (no invites to the opening were forthcoming, unfortunately!). Karen was a complete delight and we chatted about London, New York (she regaled me with stories of driving a car in NYC-it sounds terrifying!), fashion and photography.

So where did Karen get that?

Her dress is DVF, boots (men's) from a thrift shop, bag Alexander Wang, and her hat was borrowed. Karen's coral and gold ring is YSL and her pendant is from a street vendor in London
p.s. you can click on the collage to make it bigger.

Running With The Fash Pack...Australian Fashion Week 2010

You know when you spy someone for the first time and think to yourself "Wow! She's gorgeous but I bet she is a really lovely person too?" Well, Sara is one of those girls. She is stunning and such a nice girl. I got to know Sara during Australian Fashion Week (she had flown down from Brisbane for it) and we managed to share lots of giggles and even had a celebrity "moment" with one of my most favourite entertainers ever, Mr Barry Humphries (aka Dame Edna). If anyone ever asks me who would be on my fantasy dinner party list, Barry is one of the first people I name.

Anyway, so I ended up taking a photo of Barry and Sara together and we had a little chat to him. We were both so excited afterwards, Sara called her mum and I called my husband!

Sara's blog is Harper and Harley.

Running With The Fash Pack...Australian Fashion Week 2010

Hippy-luxe. Love the camel/caramel shirt.

Running With The Fash Pack....Australian Fashion Week 2010

Hannah-Rose, captured, twice.

Hannah has a lovely blog called Capture the Castle. She writes beautifully (she is a media student), gathers together gorgeous photographs and while she utterly adores fashion, you can tell she is interested in things other than just clothes (which I think is completely essential). I got to spend some time with Hannah and her friends during Australian Fashion Week where they entertained me with their thoughts on Gossip Girl (or was it The Hills?), the desirability of a PS1 bag, the fabulousness of all things Dion Lee, where to shop in Sydney now
(Lands End- apparently the sales are awesome) and taught me how to survive fashion week in Sydney (lots of sangria and wine at Cruise Bar, apparently!).

Running With The Fash Pack....Australian Fashion Week 2010

On and Off the Runway.
At Arnsdorf:

Running With The Fash Pack....Australian Fashion Week 2010

Lindy Klim, Balinese princess and wife of Australian Olympic swimming champion Michael Klim, in a tiny leather dress and giant Prada bag. Lindy is the creator of baby skincare range, Milk Baby which has super cute products for babies and toddlers such as snotty grotty and stinky winky room sprays, and sleepy bubs massage oil. Two of my friends have just had bubs (one of them, twins!) and I suspect that a bottle (or perhaps a bucket load) of sleepy bubs would come in rather handy :)

Melbourne Street Style...A little bit Scanlan&Theodore

Scanlan&Theodore dress on Chapel Street, Melbourne.

Saturday 12 June 2010

The Girl Behind The Label: Maaike Mekking

Pretty, whimsical, edgy, feminine, modern but classic, simple but kind of complicated, is hard to define Dutch designer Maaike Mekking's A/W 10 Witch-Craft-Wo-Man-Ship collection. A jersey fleece biker sweater with corduroy detailing (which Maaike is wearing in these photos with vintage Levi's), classic jeans, a charcoal felt peacoat and a classic caramel leather cropped tee contrast with exaggerated jodhpur trousers and overalls, a nude mesh maxi dress and tribal tattoo print full-length body suit. Maaike invited me to her London studio back in late April, just before I was leaving for Australia (yes, I have been extremely tardy in getting this post up) to have a peek at her collection, and take some photographs.

Maaike was born in the Netherlands and attended the Fashion Institute Arnhem before moving to London and completing a MA in womenswear at the Royal College of London. She had contemplated a career as an artist (painting) but realised she loved the three dimensional aspect that fashion design allows. On graduation, Maaike worked for Alberta Ferretti, Giles and Alexander McQueen before starting her own label which is now in its third season. Maaike's inspiration comes from vintage books (I loved the traditional Dutch costume book she had open on her desk in the bottom collage), photographs, music (she dj's with her boyfriend and has an impressive collection of vinyls at her studio) and London itself.

We took some photographs in Maaike's studio in East London (with her incredibly cute pup in attendance), and then made our way to the roof to take some more shots. Which was fab.....but unfortunately I have an incredible fear of heights (and especially any kind of heights involving ladders) and, rather mortifyingly, I kind of got stuck on top of the roof! The lovely Maaike eventually coaxed me down (admittedly after I had asked whether she thought the fire brigade might come and rescue me!) and I went home, body and camera intact, to a lovely, soothing aperitif :)