Thursday 17 June 2010

Running With The Fash Pack...Australian Fashion Week 2010

You know when you spy someone for the first time and think to yourself "Wow! She's gorgeous but I bet she is a really lovely person too?" Well, Sara is one of those girls. She is stunning and such a nice girl. I got to know Sara during Australian Fashion Week (she had flown down from Brisbane for it) and we managed to share lots of giggles and even had a celebrity "moment" with one of my most favourite entertainers ever, Mr Barry Humphries (aka Dame Edna). If anyone ever asks me who would be on my fantasy dinner party list, Barry is one of the first people I name.

Anyway, so I ended up taking a photo of Barry and Sara together and we had a little chat to him. We were both so excited afterwards, Sara called her mum and I called my husband!

Sara's blog is Harper and Harley.


  1. Wow she's so pretty!! Simple yet gorgeous!!

  2. @Lauxafarian Fashion- she was one of my fav girls from RAFW. Yep, such a simple skirt and t-shirt combo but the hat makes it a bit special.

  3. She is so stunning and I'm glad you photographed her! Her blog is fabulous!

  4. Lovely outfit dvrling - I really wanna try the maxi look but I'm afraid my height prohibits me from doing so and I'm stuck with minis.


  5. Totally need to get into hatss ASAP!

  6. she is gorgeous, like hippy chic gorgeous

  7. She is just effortlessly stunning! I saw your link from Sarah's blog and glad I found it Vanessa.. I'm an Aussie too and a keen photographer (go Nikon's!!). Do you find there is much more opportunity in London? I'm thinking of making the move...

  8. I love this look!

  9. Aw, I love these Vanessa! Yes, she was such a sweetheart.
    Where's Barry?!

  10. she is beautiful! i love the length of her skirt, she looks wonderful.


  11. GREAT GIRL.. SOO beautiful!!!


  12. wow she really is gorg and she has great style, love you blog - will be following :)

  13. she is so pretty it hurts my eyes! gorgeous girl too - i wish we had met in person!


  14. VANESSA!

    this is one of my FAVORITE shots- although truthfully i don't think i can ever pick a fav ... you're just too precious.

    but i love how you said she is beautiful from the inside out, and that you can see.
    the heart is the most beautiful thing, and the fact that you can capture it on camera is a true gift!

    thanks for sharing your passion + beauty.
    have a wonderful weekend


  15. Vanessa you're the best. so glad we met, I had the best time with you. Hope you're well and enjoying the warmer weather. lots of love xox

  16. I love her outfit & yes, she looks like a sweet girl too.

  17. you're right she's so sweet-looking, & sounds like she's someone you can feel comfortable with immediately. i'm so glad she has a blog. gonna check it out right now :)

  18. Oh my she is simply stunning. I adore the long charcoal grey skirt. She has such a wonderful sense of style.

    Shall definitely have to check her blog out.

    Beautiful shots as always Vanessa!


  19. @everyone- I am so glad that you all like the photos of Sara :)) And @Sara, thanks so much for letting me photograph you :) Ha ha! yeah, I am still waiting for the warmer weather- it has been still been fairly chilly here (well, at least it was over the weekend anyway- I was back in tracksuit pants and 2 jumpers!)

    @Leeselooks- ooo you are very sweet. But seriously, it isn't really me- it is always the people that I photograph that make the image work. And sometimes I fail miserably to capture someone's personality- I get very frustrated with myself and my photographic efforts.

    @I want what's she's wearing- ha ha! Barry is still on one of my memory cards! I need to download him and get him up on the blog! Do you like him?????

    @jennaforjethro- Hey fellow aussie and nikon user, lovely to meet you! Um, well, I think London is an amazing place to live and there are definitely lots of opportunities here, especially given the proximity to Europe and the States (cf with Australia). But I have to say that the light is a lot better in Australia! Anyway, email me if you want to have a chat :))

    @michelle Elaine: argh- me too. I look swamped in a really long skirt.

    @Esther- she is! definitely go and check out her blog, Esther :)

  20. I LOVE Barry!! In year 11 Art we had to decorate a shoe in an homage - I did 'homage to Dame Edna'. The cream heeled oxford has a curly purple dolls wig sprouting from the inside, gladies, and big cardboard dame edna glasses as the bow for the laces!

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