Thursday 23 September 2010

London Fashion Week....Seventies Hippy-Luxe

Does anyone know who this girl is?? I think I photographed her at LFW last September in the Christopher Kane for Topshop gorilla print dress so maybe she works for Topshop (I took this outside the Topshop Unique show this season). She has the most amazing red hair and freckes (yeah, yeah, I know: I am obsessed!).

p.s. Off to Milan tomorrow. Very worried about finding my way around since I got hopelessly lost in New York (and everyone says it is almost impossible to get lost in New York because it is a grid system....mmmmmm I proved everyone wrong! I have absolutely no sense of direction. I even got a little group of us slightly lost the other day on the way to a show in London). I intend to attach myself like a limpet to Tamu from All the Pretty Birds since she lives in Milan!

London Fashion Week....Ruby

Model Ruby Aldridge.

Ruby walked past me with her scarf draped over her head like this but before I could ask if I could take a photograph, she had removed it. I scurried up and asked if she would mind putting her blankie (yes, I did use that word- arggghhh!) back on her head. And she did :)

London Fashion Week...Lucy

Lucy Williams, fashion assistant at Instyle magazine (UK) (she works with one of my absolute favourite fashion editors, Natalie Hartley). I think Lucy was one of the most photographed girls at LFW, each day she looked gorgeous!

London Fashion Week....Coco Sumner

The coolest kid on the block: Coco Summer. Even the way Coco walks (kind of a swagger) oozes hipness.

London Fashion Week...Jemma

Jemma Tibbals, Junior Fashion Editor at Adore her gorgeous little checked shirt and her bike: the perfect mode of transport to zip between shows. Did anyone use the Barclays bikes to trek between shows????

New York Fashion Week....Autumn's On Its Way!

Hello giant cement truck going through the back of my photo :)

New York Fashion Week...The Trench

I love this polished look: the trench, the bag and the highest, thinnest of heels. For me, it seems so "New York". It is really interesting to see the difference in styles between London and New York....and I can't wait to see what the girls wear in Milan.

London Fashion Week....Claire

Claire from Young Shields blog.

I met Claire on a blogger's trip to Paris last year, and I am so embarrassed that I didn't recognise her on Sunday when I asked if I could take her photo..... She is all grown up and looking super glam!

London Fashion Week...Poppy

Poppy Delevigne looking utterly gorgeous as always. Love the Chanel boots!

London Fashion Week....Anna Dello Russo

Every time I see Anna, I give a little (internal!) squeal of delight. She always manages to look just so incredible.

London Fashion Week....Yasmin Le Bon

I've never seen Yasmin Le Bon in real life before: she is just so incredibly beautiful and elegant.

London Fashion Week....Burberry Shearling Boots

Thursday 16 September 2010

New York Fashion Week...Marina

Good Bye New York, Hallo London!

So I am back in London again. New York is the most amazing, incredible, vibrant place but boy, was it tough during fashion week. The whole experience still feels slightly surreal (probably that is the jet lag kicking in)..... I described it to my husband as feeling like a lion has ripped off my leg, gnawed on the carcass and lazily spat out the remains.

New York has the most beautiful light (except in the middle of the day when it is really harsh- I even got sunburnt), so many gorgeous girls and fantastic backgrounds but I found it challenging to make everything happen together at once. Sometimes I felt like I was spending more time travelling between shows (and getting lost on the subway) than actually doing any photography!

Marina Munoz, stylist.

P.S. The lovely girls at Lucky magazine asked me to shoot some street style for them during New York fashion week. You can take a peek at who I photographed over on the site.

New York Fashion Week....Leather Flip

I didn't catch her name but she is a stylist. I know I promised to try and get names and details of what people are wearing these fashion weeks but I failed miserably even on the first one! Will try harder in London :)

Edit: Her name is Fifi!

New York Fashion Week...Sheer Luxe

New York Fashion Week....Leopard Print

Had to include these photos after my Big Cat analogy....the perfect way to wear leopard print.

New York Fashion Week....Denim Flares

My fav jeans brand at the moment is MiH jeans- these remind me of the flares from the range.

I thought this girl was a model (she is so naturally pretty!) but I think she works for Harpers Bazaar Russia.

New York Fashion Week...Tati

Model Tati Cotliar: only a model can have a little run in their tights and still manage to look super cute :)

New York Fashion Week...Taylor

Taylor Tomasi Hill

New York Fashion Week....Double-Up!

Take denim and double-it! Yes, yes?!

New York Fashion Week...Olivia

Olivia Palermo

New York Fashion Week....Jenny

Jenny Kang, Market Editor, Lucky magazine.

Wednesday 8 September 2010

Stockholm Fashion Week...Schnati

Little sister of Jessica from LesMads, Schnati. I commented to the girls when I was in Stockholm that they must have the most beautiful family photos (they just laughed!).
Schnati was wearing her sister's clothes in the first photos as her luggage had been lost by the airline. I am flying out to New York tomorrow- fingers and toes crossed the same fate doesn't happen to me! Hmmmm although a whole new wardrobe purchased in New York does have a slight appeal ;)

Back in her own clothes!

Stockholm Fashion Week....Pared Down Pretty

The Perfect Hair (Sigh). I know it is a bit of a cliche but mermaid sprung to mind when I was photographing her!