Thursday 27 January 2011

London Fashion Week SS 2011....Rowie

Ms Rowan Lewis.

Who has waited so patiently for these photos.

Who now has a kick-ar*e internship with Matthew Williamson.

Who just looks beautiful in everything she wears.

Who has a crazy good smile and laugh.

Thank you Rowie for letting me take these photos of you :)

Milan Fashion Week SS 2011.....Alejandra

Alejandra Alonso after Just Cavalli....soooooooooooo hooootttt!

Milan Fashion Week SS 2011...Ada

Ada Kokosar, stylist.

Milan Fashion Week SS 2011...Zanna

Zanna Roberts Rassi, senior fashion editor, Marie Claire (US)

Milan Fashion Week SS 2011...Aurora and Viviana

London Fashion Week SS 2011

Milan Fashion Week SS 2011....After Missoni

Still beautiful. Still elegant. Still stylish. Still great legs.
She was French...but of course!

Monday 24 January 2011

New York Fashion Week SS 2011

Like her Outfit. Love her hair :)

London Fashion Week SS 2011....Geneva

Gorgeous Aussie, Geneva, the girl behind A Pair& A Spare DIY fashion directory. You want to know how to DIY something fashion related? Geneva shows you how. Check it out here*.

Geneva was living in London but has just moved to a much, much warmer part of the world :)

*I still think Geneva would struggle trying to teach me to DIY. Give me a pair of scissors and wonky hems ensue ;)

New York Fashion Week SS 2011...Florals

I felt like posting these today....nothing more cheery than bright, pretty florals on a grey, gloomy London day :)

New York Fashion Week SS 2011....Friends

After Donna Karan

New York Fashion Week SS 2011...Hanne

Hanne Gaby Odiele

Milan Fashion Week SS 2011....Leopard Print

New York Fashion Week SS 2011.....Elin

Elin Kling from Style by Kling. You can find more about Elin here. (I never knew she competed in Dancing with The Stars!!)

Tuesday 18 January 2011

Paris Fashion Week SS 2011...Lea

Student and stylist (plus taker of pretty photos during Paris Fashion Week) Lea Taleb. You can check out Lea's portfolio here.

Paris Fashion Week SS 2011....Sara

Sara (from Madrid!)

Paris Fashion Week SS 2011....Lou Doillon

Paris Fashion Week SS 2011...Kamilya

History of Art student, Kamilya (I have photographed her a couple of times before), who is from Kazakhstan but now lives in Paris. How cool are her boots?!

Paris Fashion Week SS 2011....Marie-Victoire

Illustrator, Marie Victoire de Bascher, from With a Twist blog outside Chanel.Love those gorgeous red heels! A well turned ankle is de rigueur ;)

Paris Fashion Week SS 2011

Love this cute sweater- I think I recall she was on holiday from California (but I could have made that up!)

Paris Fashion Week SS 2011...Before Maison Martin Margiela

Paris Fashion Week SS 2011....Emily

Emily Weiss from Into The Gloss blog.

Paris Fashion Week SS 2011

There is just something so intrinsically elegant about the way French women dress....this lady told me that she was just cycling past the Tuileries, saw everyone heading into the shows and decided to take a peek. I think she was a bit taken back with everyone wanting to photograph her!

Thursday 13 January 2011

Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks....Adrianna

The lovely Adrianna, daughter of famous Italian photographer, Marco Glaviano. Adrianna is a student and photographer.
The first photos were from Paris men's fashion week in June, and the second, Milan Fashion Week.