Monday 24 January 2011

New York Fashion Week SS 2011...Florals

I felt like posting these today....nothing more cheery than bright, pretty florals on a grey, gloomy London day :)


  1. love the bright florals. definitely feels right to fixate on such images when warmth and sunshine feels so far away. xx

  2. Hey jen!! Is it bad that I wasted time today looking at villa's on Greek islands for a summer holiday?!! I am obsessed! I don't care if it is cold in the uk ,I just want the sky
    to be sunny!

  3. I LOVE florals! They're my ultimate go-to print because they're aaalways in style.

    Your blog is one of my absolute favourites btw - I love seeing fellow Aussies making their mark in the fashion world!

    Would be honoured if you are able to have a glance at mine:


  4. Oh my, I'm in love with those floral pieces - and with the sun, but the sun doesn't seem to love Belgium right now...

  5. Vanessa you are a star! Your pictures are just super stunning! I have been following you for sometime and you just rock girl! keep the great work coming! xxxx

  6. Vanessa you are amazing!!!
    And I love the first dress... need spring!!!



  7. I like the second outfit better but the first print is AMAZING. Knocked my proverbial socks off (not actually wearing any but if I had been *boom* gone).

  8. @Chuck- ha ha! Funny comment re the socks ;)

    @Salony- oofff I know! THere is no sun in London at the moment! Last Wednesday was gorgeous though so maybe we will get another sunny day before the end of January.I think that will make 3 days this month ;)

    @justyna and @suzinqa- aww that is very sweet of you to say but it all comes down to the gorgeous girls I photograph.

  9. I'm in love with the second outfit!! PERFECT!

  10. i love floral print and your pictures are always so niiiice ;-)