Friday 19 June 2009

London Street Style...Wrapped

Fashion Graduate Madeleine Moxham....all wrapped up in the most delicious shades of grey, white, bronze, cream and caramel.

Yes, I took this last week in London. Yes, the weather has been crazy. Baking hot one day, overcast and chilly the next, with a few streaks of lightning thrown in for good measure! The key to dressing? Layers.
Pull them on for leaving the house in the early morning, sitting in the air-conditioning at work, and evening drinks.
Peel them off for walks at lunchtime and the tube ride home (why is always so damn HOT in the tube?).


  1. LOOOVE this shot vanessa!:)
    btw i just started my Blog lol.
    there you'll see my daily updates and design too:) cheers! -cj cruz

  2. Hey CJ! Good to hear from you :)I will check out your blog :) When are you back over here in London?

  3. Just read your blog- you are back over here in Sept- yay!

  4. Hey, I have those shoes (H&M) too. Now I wish I had that bag to go with them :)

  5. Kim- ooooo I didn't even ask where she got them! Now I know :)