Friday 19 June 2009

London Street Style....Some Kind of Blue

Ralph Lauren Blue (above)

I-AM-VINTAGE Blue (below)


  1. These coral trousers are amazing. Although I am not really objective as I am completely obsessed with coral trousers at the moment. There are some really pretty ones in H&M and I have to walk around the shop holding them and wondering whether I can pull them off or not every single time I walk past an H&M.

    Seeing how well this dude does coral makes me want to cry and forget about getting some for myself. It will never look as good!

  2. Mademoiselle Robot: I've seen the new haircut, I've seen the shorty-shorts, I've seen that you own the sweetest doggie in the world (who will even pose for you in that gorgeous blue vintage suitcase).....OF COURSE, you can pull off coral trousers!You must make haste to H&M this weekend, pick up those suckers, march them to the checkout and then pack them in your suitcase for your trip. I can see them in Stockholm....
    p.s. please do not tell me that you travel with the vintage blue suitcase or I will surely die of envy :)
    Oh, and your packing article reminds me of something I try VERY hard to forget- my $1,700 excess luggage charge from Qantas airways when I moved from Australia to London in 2007. I feel woozy everytime my bag gets weighed at the airport now...

  3. This is an amazing photograph. The IAM VINTAGE model pulls this combination off superbly. Coral trousers are definitely the new 'in'. London fashion seems to be moving in a completely new and exciting direction.

    Thank you vanessa for displaying such style!


  4. I wore my coral trousers Tuesday, along with a pinstiped shirt, woven leather belt and beige canvass shoes.

  5. Oh gosh, the doggie and the suitcase aren't mine unfortunately! I wish they were though. I am looking for the perfect vintage suitcase, one that would resist airport handling... so far, nada.

    Thank you for the encouragements about the coral trousers, I might just go to H&M and try them on!

    I am sure moving countries is an exception to the packing rule!