Thursday 11 June 2009

London Street Style...Karolina

London, The Clothes Show 2009


  1. Your photography is truly jaw dropping Vanessa. Honest. The writing too has me CRACKING UP : ))

    I have a Nikon and am STILL trying to figure out how to get the clarity/sharpness that your pics have. So God help me I'm determined to get there (have a 50mm fixed and 8-105 zoom).

    ps. Met with Swagger 360(G) last week and had a lovely chat about you ; )

    Karen x

  2. Oh I live her necklace!
    Lucy =)

  3. GOSH!! Shades of Chloƫ Sevigny huh?!!!! Stunning...

  4. Ooooo thank you everyone! I am still kind of getting over the fact that this was London weather 2 weeks ago- WHAT HAPPENED?!! I keep thinking- did I take a secret squirrel trip home to Australia and take some photos? ;-)
    Karen - well, I was chatting last night to a press photographer about prime/fixed lenses and the sharpness factor (which is why I went for 2 prime lenses over getting a "kit" zoom lens) and he thought that his Nikon 28mm-70mm was beautifully sharp AND it gives him flexibility to zoom in and out (and it should be sharp at close to £1, 200!). So,if I win the lottery (must actually start entering lottery!), next on my lens "wish" list is that one...Um, not all my photos are sharp though- often I get home and the one photo I really like has a fuzzy face- that's when the crankiness starts kicking in :)

    Lucy- me too. I think she just looks so lovely-fresh, she has just come from a day sunning herself on a beach on some tropical island. Mmmmm how I would like to be on a tropical island right now sipping cocktails, reading a book,listening to my ipod, covered in 50+ sunscreen...
    Ewah- ha ha! She DOES look like Chloe doesn't she?!! I didn't even see it until you mentioned it. Wanna come to that tropical island with me?! I'm sure the boys could be convinced we need a tropical island break right now ;-)

  5. love the floral necklace!
    xx-LJ from SOS!

  6. Hi Vanessa, I completely agree with Karen. Your pictures are amazing!