Sunday 14 June 2009

London Street Style...Pale Pink and Peonies

"Two-for-a-Fiver", "A lovely Rhodi for a Pound", "4 Herbs for 4 Pound". Ahhh its all the fun of the Columbia Road Flower market on a Sunday morning. I can't decide which is prettier- her dress (from Spitalfields market) or those peonies, my most favourite flower in the whole world. Or the feather earring. Singular- she was only wearing one in her right ear.... I suspect if I tried to wear just one earring now, my friends would ask if I forgot to put the other one in when I was getting ready!

p.s. Her peonies are much prettier than the ones I ended up with: mine are unhatched- I was working on the basis that it is nicer to have fresh flowers for longer rather than for only a couple of days- but looking at them now, I have serious doubts that they will open up. The leaves look kind of dead. There are no signs of life in the buds. They may remain Unhatched Forever. No wonder I got a few strange looks from people on the tube on the way home- "She actually paid money for them?!"


  1. what a gorgeous pale pink, a perfect summer colour. i love peonies too, although i hardly ever see them in flower shops for some reason. maybe i'm always going in at the wrong time. I tend to buy daisies a lot, they seem very fresh and sunny.

    beautiful photo again!


  2. Aww, maybe they're late blommers?
    *fingers crossed that they'll open*!

  3. Those pink ruffles and peonies do play well together.

  4. hrose- I remember when I was living back in Brisbane that I paid, wait for it, $18 for ONE, yes, ONE peony!!!!!! (and that was back in about 2001). Completely ridiculous but it WAS beautiful!You just don't seem to see peonies that much in Brisbane, maybe because of the heat or something? (just googled it and the season is 4 weeks in Australia- no wonder they are so hideously expensive). I used to live near one of my favourite florists in Australia, Grandiflora (Saskia Havekes) and everytime she had peonies in stock I would linger just a little bit longer outside her shop on my walk to work. So seeing them over here in the UK so regularly is such a delight-um, except the ones I have presently on my fireplace!
    Jing- fingers crossed. I just examined them closely again and there is no signs of them opening up- they are just tight balls of blah!
    Cameron- thanks Cameron :)

  5. You could try to get the sticky stuff of of the top of the buds. Sometimes this is wat keeps them from opening.

    Grettings Ronald.

  6. Hey Ronald- well, I read your suggestion and got busy last night when I got home trying to get the sticky stuff off the buds...There are still no signs of life though :( I even changed the water but no response...