Sunday, 14 June 2009

London Street Style...Graduate Fashion Week


  1. I love the print of her skirt!

  2. Thanks Lucy!I love her heavy fringe and the way she has just popped that hat on her head. I was trying to work out what hat it is- kind of a cross between a panama and almost a (Melissa Odabash)cowboy hat?

  3. I love your blog, Your pictures are just so beautiful!!!

  4. Such a great skirt!
    I really like your blog a lot!!
    I'm going to london in a week, so maybe Í'll spot you photographing!

  5. How lovely and FULL is her fringe??!

    and her cheeks look like the perfect shade of pale pink. God if that's not blush enhanced she's a lucky woman.

  6. hi i was at the fashion clothes a while ago and me and my friend got our picture taken by you and i wanted to use some of the pictures for my portfolio that you took for us isit possible you could put them on here?

    please get back to me nadine

  7. Noa, thischicksgotstyle- thank you! If you see me around London make sure you come say hi!!!
    Karen- I KNOW. I have to PAY for cheeks that colour: NARS orgasm in case you were wondering :):)
    Nadine- hey Nadine, send me an email using the "contact" button on the below right of the blog and I will email you back!