Tuesday 16 June 2009

London Street Style....Candy-Cane Stripey Tights


  1. i like the look of her dress too, that's my favourite shade of denim.


  2. hrose- I suspect that you may have designed it herself. She is a fashion graduate from Bournemouth (I think- I could be wrong- correct me if I am!) and I had a look at her graduate collection: amazing. The concept for her collection for the graduate show was to take tiny pieces of artwork from a well known artist (I can't remember his name- this is why I need to be writing stuff down, not trying to just remember it in my head!)and make clothes, which, once unfolded,unfurled, unpicked, etc would resemble the artwork.

  3. Oh, I love those thights! I'll look around for a pair of those myself come fall...