Wednesday, 10 June 2009

London Street Style...Graduate Fashion Week


The Fashion Wrangler*
Graduate Fashion Week "Style Team Insider"
Fashion journalism/promotion student at University of Central Lancashire (Preston)
Wearer of some very fun pants and a rather naughty tee-shirt :)

Love the way Martin has rolled his pants up....and the Fred Perry Bag

p.s. I got stopped by security yesterday at GFW who wanted to conduct a random bag search-the security guy took one look in the mess that is my bag, rolled his eyes and waved me through.... I think he muttered something to the effect that it would take him a week to look through all THAT stuff! I can't help it: my handbag is my, um, woogie/blankie whatever you want to call it- I need to have it by my side at ALL times because you never know when I might need 6 month old smarties, 4 broken pens, Turkish Lira, 6 old lipsticks, an ID magazine from November 2008 (the one with Lara Stone on the cover), letters from my Aussie friend JK, a screwdriver (don't ask!), lens cleaning fluid and a gazillion napkins from Pret. Oh yeah, and the trusty nikon :)

*geddit? it's a lame (okay, very lame) take on his Wrangler denim jacket...and the fact that he's studying fashion journalism.


  1. that hair and that cigarette, priceless

  2. We Could Grow Up 2together- I just love the attention he has paid to his hair: the Brylcreem slick and that little "flick" is perfection on him.

  3. heyyy hes from the same department as me at uclan. in fact, the same course.

  4. I must admit they look pretty good, all down to you're great photography obviously.

  5. Ha ha, Martin :):) About to check out your blog, you fashion wrangler, you!

  6. It ain't much at the moment only just set it up.