Wednesday 24 June 2009

London Street Style...Georgia

Remember Georgia? She of the fabulous fringed boots, 70's- style floppy hat and denim shorty shorts? Well, I photographed her again at Graduate Fashion Week!

This time there is no lame-ar*se Austin Powers imitations from me :)


  1. her style is so interesting !

  2. she's amazing! as always your pictures are stunning! I will always keep coming back to view them. :)

  3. so fabulous it hurts a little!

  4. i saw the first photo and actually said "wow." the entire ensemble is like a breath of fresh quirkiness. my favorite style icons are always chameleons and comparing this woman to her previous photos - she is just that.

    btw, i am loving your blog! i came across it a few weeks ago and have not been disappointed since. keep up the great posts.