Sunday 21 June 2009

Paris Street Style...The Cloche Hat

She was just sitting, like this, eating her lunch....

I love Paris.

Only a few more days and I'm back there again :)

Excited? who me?! :):):)


  1. this is amazing! what a style inspiration, i've always loved the 1920s and 30s and always tried to dress that way but it's difficult to stay in the mindset of a particular era forever... and since i'm pathologically lazy i just moved on after a while of not really trying. But i do have a cloche hat that i love and try and wear whenever it gets cold enough to wear woolen hats in sydney (not that often). great picture, love all the pastels.

  2. hrose- I just love that this is the way she dresses on an "ordinary" day- it wasn't as if she was going to anything special or was at an event. I suspect she was on her lunch break....I really like her rope beaded necklace as well- so elegant and it will never, ever date. I wonder if she was wearing vintage or whether she just made it look vintagey. Ha Ha re Sydney: my friend has been texting me saying it is was 14degrees!! I was looking at some photos of Sydney the other day...made me feel VERY HOMESICK. Luckily some of my peeps are coming over in the next couple of months so I will get my Sydney fix vicariously through them :)