Wednesday 24 June 2009

London Street Style...Colours of Claude Monet

Immediately I saw this dress I thought of a Claude Monet painting (gees I hope it is Claude Monet I am thinking of, or I will look rather silly- please correct me if I am wrong!)- it is the watercolours or something.....Anyway, it was beautiful. And was from Zara :)

p.s. Paris is going well although it is VERY hot and I got stuck in the Metro yesterday for about 25mins on the way to a show. I spotted Usher (I am an idiot, he was standing right in front of me and I thought he looked familar but I didn't think to ask for a photo. I then saw him coming out of Colette but there were so many people about and I didn't want to appear like a Pap so I didn't bother asking if he would pose for me. Fingers crossed I will spot him again.) The Sart and Garance are here, Facehunter, Jak&Jil and a whole host of other bloggers. I haven't got as many photos as I want yet but I am working on it for y'all! I am squirreled away in an internet cafe in the Marais typing this before I have to run to the next show, Bernhard Willhelm at 2pm :)

p.p.s. The Dries Van Noten show was fabulous! The music from this truck that pulls up just before the show starts was absolutely pumping (I suspect I have a wee bit of hearing loss now!) and there was a huge crack of thunder just as the models were on their final walkthru down the catwalk. Everyone started cheering! Good times people, good times :)


  1. I cannot imagine all the people you photograph just happened to have the full hair and make-up treatment, so that must be where your skillz come in. :) You are an amazing photographer with a great eye! This woman looks like a pastel greek goddess. I usually prefer to see the eyes, but I like the black of her shades contrasting with her soft, sweet appearance.

  2. A triumph, Vanessa. You posed her right on the boundary of light and shadow.

  3. Wow, she looks amazong. I to can't believe that these people always looks so chic. I'm really jealous!

  4. this is lovely... its like the roberto cavalli spring 08 dresses....
    check out my blog

  5. hello
    i meet you last saturday in paris (at the kenzo show..)
    (i'm the girl with sliver shows...)
    i really love your work

  6. Always take pics of interesting people you see on the streets. I sometimes wonder why I didn't take a particular picture.

    I love the pics. Keep 'em coming!