Thursday, 27 November 2008


I wanted to post more than this here little ole' autumn leaf but computer

So blame it. Not me. For the lack of interestingness of this post :)

I was thinking back over the last week and all the "interesting" things that have happened to me, like:

1. I lost the lens cap off the rental lens I was using for Monday's shoot- I have never lost the lens cap off any of the lenses that I own. Worrying.

2.When I was returning said lens to the rental place, I walked past a City Farm and thought I would say hello to two rather forlorn looking horses in a small paddock. Well, helllllooooooooooo, no wonder they are lonely- one just about took my finger clean off! I have never had a horse do that, EVER! Makes me wonder what two tetchy horses like that are doing in a children's educational farm! Very Worrying.

3.Since Mr Messy has been away, I have been sleeping in our "receiving room" (aka the lounge room) on an inflatable bed as it is waaay too cold in our bedroom (Mr Messy is like a portable heating device and generates enough heat to keep me warm and snuggly). However, last night, as I flopped down on the airbed it suddenly started to deflate....rapidly. Yikes! Despite examining the increasingly limp object for what seemed like hours I could not find the hole. Very, Very Worrying.

*said in the voice of Little Britain's Carol Beer

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