Thursday 20 November 2008

First Tentative Steps...

So, I have spent the entire day trying to set up my blog- somebody please shoot me, or at least hand me a large Gin and Tonic in a tall glass with extra lime! The worst thing is...setting up a blog is suppose to be SIMPLE. I can get myself on an international flight (in joke with Mr Messy aka "the husband"), hustle my way around a Harvey Nicks store on the first day of the sales, appear on behalf of a client in front of a Judge (okay, so I really hated that one but I still managed it!), whip up a mean raspberry clafoutis and a diirty martini* but computers? Arrggggh. Not how I roll.

I am guaranteed of at least one computer related "moment" per day- generally involving photoshop CS3. But today it was this jolly blog! I have been messing around trying to get my FTP's, DNS's and http's sorted from my url's and sFTP's. Around 3pm I went completely shouty crackers and took myself for a soothing photowalk - it worked, sort of.

So, why am I entering the heady world of blogging? Well, this is what I have come up with so far:

  1. I refuse to be the last person on earth without a blog;

  2. It is terribly self indulgent- and I adore a bit of shameless self indulgence!

  3. My "proper" website is "under construction" and appears to be more or less permanently so due to my computer, um, "issues";

  4. I am sick of whinging to myself (it never gets me anywhere) so now I can whine to the world at large. Sure, it will probably still get me nowhere but it feels so good;

  5. I am supremely confident that an art director from a glossy magazine or advertising agency will randomly happen across my blog, LOVE my work and commission me for a big editorial or advertising campaign. Yep, this is DEFINITELY going to happen and sooner rather than later ;)

  6. My friends and family back home in Aussieland often wonder what the heck I am up to over here in London due to some rather, um, re- lax-ed emailing habits (she types while looking around, whistling ) so this is a way of conning my A-List (you know who you are!) into looking at my photographs while letting them know I haven't been trampled to death by Christian Louboutin wearing fashionistas on the mean, lean streets of London;

  7. I am useless at keeping up with flickr, MySpace is way too cool for school, and facebook, well, I am a teensy bit over it;

  8. I am a self confessed blogstalker- now I want MY own blogstalkers. Even if there is only 2 of you.....(A listers, this is where you come in and make me look super popular- pleeeeeease!);

  9. I do a fair bit of "street photography" and often get asked by people why I want to take their photo. I normally mumble something unintelligible about a portfolio, street fashion, a project I am working on etc- which are all true- BUT don't make me seem overly sane (nobody comment on my sanity or lack there of, please!) or professional. At least now I can proudly say that "it is for my widely read and uber cool style blog!"

  10. Just because...

*um, yeah, so I don't really know how to make a dirty martini, not even a martini but it makes me sound rather hip!

**the photograph landed at the top of the post- it was suppose to be at the bottom. Mmmmmm another slight technological problem I need to sort out...along with about 20 others! I took this in London a couple of days ago- a young boy, his boisterous pup, playing chasey in the park- I couldn't resist a photograph. The dog's name was Charlie- I didn't catch the boys name. Typical Messy ;)


  1. She's a photographer, she's smart, she's sassy, she's creative, she's beautiful inside and out... And now a highly entertaining and endearing blogger! Is there anything the Ned can't do?

    Thank you for starting this. I am going to love love love stalking you out on the web and following the enchanting meanderings of your oratorical ramblings.

    Hip hip for you - you're such a star!

    PS: # 5 WILL happen.... in the words of the indian from Waynes World 2 - "if you build it they will come!"

  2. PPS: move on from Feist :) Check out Florence & The Machine: "Dog Days Are Over" & "Kiss With a Fist" - also lovin' Skint & Demoralised "The Thrill of Thirty Seconds"

    heh heh, Skint & Demoralised, such a cool name... sums me up!

  3. Woo Hoo! Go me- I have 2 comments on my blog already! Thank you to the lovely Eva Cusack for her most wonderful musings above (all TRUE of course;-)) And in case anyone is wondering Ms Ewah DOES exist and isn't simply me sneakily making comments on my own blog- as if I would EVER contemplate doing such a thing;)

    Re music yes, I must get myself up to date...last night, in my "blog/computer induced coma" I found myself downloading Dire Straits 'Romeo and Juliet'! TRAGIC- I am living in the 1980's! Maybe I am so retro in my music tastes that I am actually very, very cool :)

  4. Nostalgia in musical taste is only ok if it is mixed with a forward thinking appreciation of what is currently out there as well. That's my opinion at least :)

  5. Hi from down under!!! Let the stalking begin! this A lister from Down Under Aussieland, guess which one, LOVES your blog. I concur with all of Eva's comments and now the world (hopefully no one too weird) will love your blog too. Come on all you uber powerful magazine editors especially!

    I am typing on my new laptop that I do not know how to really use yet-and as I am somehow illegally using someone elses non password protected internet access, who knows if this will even be able to go up on said blog anyway?! I am hearing you re the computer issues. But I like to think, typing away in my glasses, that I look the part :)

    C xx

    PS Yes 80s music IS retro cool-so say me who looks forward to knowing how to download on this new bit of stuff I am typing on- I would also prescribe you a dose of Blur (Coffee and TV) and a touch of Sting.

  6. OMG, Ms C, thank goodness you are Anonymous (um, only heids, me, and you know its you!!)given your um ever so slightly dodgy internet access!! I am giggling wildly as I type- you know I love a bit of secret squirrel activity ;)

    Welcome Ms C to the blog- I applaud you on your participation esp on the brand new "it's not a Dell" laptop!

    Now who the heck is this Blur chappy? I have not heard of him/them. I shall investigate.

    loving your work :)

  7. A new obsession. Hope you enjoy it more than flickr

  8. Charlie is an angel. I love dogs. I love beautiful things, places, people, clothes..
    AND now I know that my 'beautiful' equals with Your blog. I am very happy for people like you. Continue doing what You do!
    I WILL stay tuned!