Sunday, 11 January 2009

London Strangers

Thought you might like a peek at some of the "100 Strangers" I have been photographing recently....

First up, Polly and Dave from Australia and New Zealand, respectively. I photographed them in Hyde Park near the Pond...they were sitting, quite peacefully, enjoying the sunset until I blithely blundered onto the scene with my camera ;-)

Polly and Dave were travelling the UK (Polly is still here but Dave has returned home) when they met and a romance developed (we love that!!) We had a chat about the state of Cadbury chocolate in the UK (I am not a huge fan of the English variety but apparently the Irish bars are smashing), Flight of the Conchords (as you do!), and coffee in London. They were a lovely, lovely couple and I hope they give me an update when they meet up again back home in Aussieland.

Next up is Issy who I met last week with her friend Heinrich in Soho. I think (and I hope I haven't mixed the story up!) that Issy is the daughter of Gina X, the late 70's, early 80's electro-pop singer. She and Heinrich were filming a clip for an art college project about the song that Gina X wrote about writer/actor Quentin Crisp called "No GDM" (which stands for No Great Dark Man). I couldn't resist a photo of Issy in her 80's-inspired outfit.

Next is Winifred, who I photographed last year at TomTom coffee shop (above). This was just one of those moments which "just happens" and can't be planned! I love the way she is peeking around the counter at me :)

Lastly, is Mr El-Kadhi who has exceptional taste in coffee and is a regular at TomTom coffee house in Belgravia.

Thank you to all my strangers for bravely offering themselves as subjects for my "100 Strangers project"!

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