Sunday 25 January 2009

Place des Quinconces, Bordeaux

The French Circus, Arlette Gruss, just happened to be in Bordeaux at the same time we were there (I think the season runs from 16 January to 8th February, 2009). The tent looked magnificent, particularly in the late afternoon sunshine, in the Place des Quinconces- the huge square in the centre of Bordeaux.
The square is the 2nd largest city square in the EU (according to wiki) and is dominated by a large column on top of which sits a statute representing the Spirit of Liberty (I will post photographs tomorrow).

The monument was erected between 1894 and 1902 in memory of the Girondists who fell victim of the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution. These sculptures (below) sit around the base of the column in two large basins.

And because a Messy post isn't (usually) complete without a stranger, here is a lovely gal and her new puppy I photographed in the Place des Quinconces.

Is there anything cuter than a new puppy tummy???!!!


  1. hmmm, somehow my comment became an email. Apologies to the Ned.

    Yes, as I was saying, only a kitten's tummy is cuter, but it's damn close!!! Very cute worried expression on the pup's face :)

  2. Hee Hee!! Yes, especially a Maxie, the Tranny Cat, tummy!!!

  3. I just wanted to say I love your blog. I check all the entries but I am too shy to leave a comment. Awesome pics and I love the way you write. Congratulations.
    Pd. I love puppie's tummys too :)

  4. @Dharia - hi Dharia! Thanks so much for leaving a lovely comment (and for being super brave to do so!!). I look at these old posts and absolutely cringe in horror - such dreadful photographs (my camera skills not the subjects!). But I guess it is a reminder that we all have to start somewhere and start learning from the beginning - which this was for me. Anyway thanks again Dharia!

  5. I still think that your pictures are awesome in each one of the entries of your blog!!! Congrats =)