Saturday 31 January 2009

Update on The Boiler

Update: There is no update.

The boiler is languishing in the corner, refusing to work.

The boiler fix-it man is nowhere to be found - he went home to his warm, cosy, HEATED home yesterday (probably to have a HOT shower) instead of coming to fix our boiler.

We have no hot water.

We have no heating.

Temperatures are expected to dip below zero over the weekend with snow showers predicted.

I am in a state of numb* incomprehension.

I tried to express my incomprehension to the lovely (very understanding) telephone operator at Vokera (the boiler manufacturer) this morning. She could not help me. They contract their work out to Crystal Heating Ltd. It was Crystal Heating who deemed it acceptable not to bother turning up yesterday. Extraordinary. Perhaps Crystal Heating is unaffected by the recession and can afford not to provide any iota of customer service.

Vokera have no "out of hours" contact number for Crystal Heating. I have searched the Internet but am unable to find a mobile and/or out of hours number for Crystal Heating.

We are, apparently, unable to contract out to any other boiler fix-it company. It is an insurance claim and under the insurance policy, Vokera must carry out (or organise) any repairs.

Tension in the Messy household is at an all-time high.

*caused by freezing conditions within the Messy household.

On a more important note, spare a thought for the people who are living rough on the streets of London who have no home let alone any heating or hot water or a comfortable bed. It is going to be a cold few days out there and it reminds me how lucky I am to have a roof over my head, blankets etc. And also for all the Aussies affected by the shocking heatwave hitting the country right now: tough times on both sides of the world...

Photos are of the Seine in Paris (last September) and baguettes from Paul (bakery) in Bordeaux- happier, sunnier times :)


  1. Last week my boiler left me with central heating but no hot water. The boiler fix-it person came and left me with hot water, a dripping pipe, and a gas leak! He hadn't tightened the connections properly. Luckily the boiler didn't explode. I however did - down the phone at customer 'service'.

    I love that they give you such an accurate ETA so you're not stuck in all day waiting... waiting... waiting... for THEM.

  2. Oh my, Oh my! I am glad someone else is (was) in the same position as us - makes me feel less like throttling someone :) And thank goodness your boiler did not explode-that truly IS something to be thankful for.
    It just makes me so angry that I sat at home all day yesterday waiting, waiting, waiting for someone AND was repeatedly assured that he WOULD come.
    Hmmmm maybe we need to start a boiler's anonymous self help group for all those Londoners who have developed high blood pressure, alcohol/valium/cupcake "issues" resulting from a "boiler episode"....

  3. Boiler's Anonymous Self Help - or B.A.S.H. for short... ;)

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