Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Street Style: Le Chapeau, Le Rouge Sac, Le Oyster Card...Parfait!

Angeline: Le Chapeau, Le Rouge Sac, Le Oyster Card.....C'est Magnifique!

Um yeah, so I probably got my French all a little bit muddled up but you get what I am saying- Angeline, a French model, looks fabulous. I have been trying to learn some French on my ipod but I wouldn't say it is going terribly well - pretty badly in fact and I am only on the first "intro" lesson. We are heading to Paris later this year (hopefully coinciding with the men's collections in June) so I am trying desperately to learn a tiny bit of French. Normally I just gesture with my camera, waffle on a bit using the three words of French I know and a lot of weirdly accented English (why does that happen? I end up sounding German I think!) and smile a lot. This time I am determined to learn some French before we get there so at least I can ask people if they would mind if I took a photograph for my blog. Mmmmm I suspect it would help if I practiced, oh, say more than once a fortnight ;-)

p.s. For any non-Londoners, the oyster card is that little blue and yellow card inside Angeline's pocket (essential for regular Tube travel!)

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