Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Street Style...Men Behaving Stylishly (Round 2)

Um, I could talk to you about the fabulous clothes these guys were wearing (Dolce&Gabbana, above; Miu Miu (I think), middle; Gieves&Hawkes, bottom). I could also tell you how lovely they each were when I asked if I could take their photograph for this blog. But no, I am just going to be completely unprofessional and tell y'all that DAMN SKIPPY, these guys were HOT! Like so hot me and my camera almost had a nervous meltdown right there on the pavement ;-)

And do y'all note what they have in common? Yep, that's right - they've all got a little bare chest action going on. As I was saying last week, the sun comes out and you start seeing a teeny bit more skin on show: for the girls it might be a wee bit of sunblessed leg or arm, and for the guys? It's all about the plunging neckline.

In Sydney, the plunging neckline for guys is pretty much de rigueur for long summer days (my friend Dale had a slinky Ksubi t-shirt that plunged almost to his belly button!) but I haven't seen it as much on the streets of London. Let us hope that this is one trend which sticks around for the (hopefully) long, hot summer ahead.

Embarrassingly, I may have asked this guy if he was a model.....Um, helllllooooo, of course he is a model - just look at him! Some days I wish the bitumen would just swallow me up.

I love the way this guy has taken a really simple shirt and completely s*xed it up by unbuttoning those 3 extra buttons (and note his little tank or tee underneath?):

This beautiful trench is from Gieves&Hawkes. He has teamed it with a little American Apparel tee: Savile Row with a little High Street. We like :)


  1. http://men.style.com/slideshows/mens/fashionshows/S2009MEN/DGABBANAMEN/RUNWAY/00020m.jpg

    I'm pretty sure the model featured in the above link is the same guy as in your first picture! He walks for almost every Dolce show (I hate the clothes/brand, but love the models, hahah)

  2. first: just discovered your blog yesterday, and "great job"!

    second: your handsome, dark-haired and blue-eyed gent in the first two pictures of this post is indeed a model - mr. david gandy. he's actually a super-male-model in his own right. he indeed walked the dolce+gabbana runway; he's actually a d+g favorite... you might recognize him from d+g's ad for their perfume "blue".

  3. at first foto is David Gandy! ;)

  4. Mmmmm...delicious....the first one............