Sunday, 19 April 2009

Street Style....Ochre Yellow Tights

You know when you first meet someone and within a minute of talking to them just know that they are a lovely person and you could be friends? Well, Isabelle O'Carroll is one of those people. Instantly likable, she is also a walking, talking encyclopedia of all that is hip and happening in the fashion world as editor of Catwalk Queen , an online fashion and style blog published by Shiny Media. If you are keen to find out the latest insider fashion news and gossip, then pop Catwalk Queen into your Favourites folder. It is one of those blogs where you just go on for a sneaky quick peek and end up whiling away half the morning clicking through the archives. After chatting to Isabelle, I suspect that she has a magazine and blog addiction as hideous as mine - oh um, yeah, but she gets paid for hers!
Oh yes, and Isabelle has a rather fabulous pair of legs which she had encased in these ochre yellow tights and little snub-nosed booties (which kind of remind me of traditional Dutch clogs at the front?). I had to scurry to catch up with Isabelle to ask if she would mind if I took her photo....luckily she is a stylestalker herself and regularly takes photos for Catwalk Queen's "Love what you're wearing" section so she didn't think I was a complete weirdo! We like that :)


  1. She knows how to make an entrance. Subtle greys of differing textures drawn across the frilly white blouse and dearth of accessories allow the ochre to speak for itself.

  2. Great combination of gray crepe skirt, ochre yellow tights, and snub nose boots. Wish you had posted a wardrobe item list to know where these can be bought! :-)