Sunday, 31 May 2009

London Street Style..."B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful"

I spotted this make-up artist having a quick, very well-deserved break outside ExCel just as the sun was going down. I loved her red, red lips and cute floral skirt. And of course I loved that "magic hour" light :)

Her lipstick shade? B Never Too Busy to be Beautiful 's Boudoir : a take-no-prisoners, "I am all woman" kind of red. Divine.


  1. I love her lipstick shade - immediately placed an order for it on their website, so thanks for that! :-D


  2. Thanks Irmiana!! A little birdie called Sarah from Share Your Style blog told me that Hollie starred in the last series of Shipwrecked :) And um, I think she speaks about 4 languages and is doing a super hard degree at uni.

  3. thanks for the tip!

  4. Beautiful! I love the lighting and the shade of her lipstick! I am so jealous of her beauty!