Sunday 31 May 2009

London Street Style....Erin O'Connor

Introducing the ever-fabulous, gorgeous (yay for pale skin!) supermodel Erin O'Connor!!!

Erin joined The Clothes Show in celebrating its return to London (the show's been absent from London for 20 years). I have spotted Erin a few times at London Fashion Week but have never worked up the courage to ask if I could take her photograph....this time I took a deep breath, said a little prayer and scampered up to ask if she would mind if I took a quick snap. And she was absolutely lovely.... and extraordinarily beautiful, even after what must have been an achingly long day (plus a loooong day and night on Friday) at The Clothes Show. Thank you Erin :)

p.s. You can check out Erin's blog on She blogs about her fabulous globetrotting adventures-love the entry on her attendance at The Met Ball earlier this month. Could you imagine Erin, Maggie Rizzer and Karen Elson all rooming together when they started their careers?! OMG, the gorgeousness of it all! Check it out here.


  1. Hey I can't believe that you didn't even had 1 single comment about this picture.......!!!
    It's a well taken picture!! Are you a full time pro photographer?

  2. I was there and got a photo with her, yeah she was really nice and really tall, she had to bend down haha