Wednesday 27 May 2009

Paris Street Style....The Roaring Twenties with a Noughties Twist

Did I tell you how much I LOVE Paris?!! And the light, oh the light in Paris at this time of year is just so beautiful- I wish I had of had more time to shoot in it. I kept playing the Charles Aznavour song J'aime Paris au Mois de Mai in my head as I was strolling about....perhaps May is my new favourite time to visit: although I doubt there is ever a bad time to visit Paris :)

And I just adore this girl's 1920's Flapper-style headband which she has given a thoroughly modern twist by teaming it with those chunky chains and long, relaxed vest....and a black Herm├Ęs Birkin (just out of shot!)

p.s. I felt very Top Gun taking this shot-I had a photographer/scribe team from a magazine in Tokyo on my six and things were getting a little bit crazy! Where was my wingman when I needed him? Off having drinks and steak tartare with a friend from Brisbane at Brasserie Lipp, that's where!


  1. She's very stylish..

    She can live with her creativity in a luxury world.


  2. Cheers Paolo! I was thinking about her hair as well.... and realising that in the 20's she would have had bobbed hair. Another noughties twist I guess :)

  3. thank you very much Paolinooooooooo


  4. Trop belle.

    Side note: She hand-made this headband herself !

    A true fashionista and artist !

  5. Love the outfit! love the quality of your photos too! i would love to know which lens are u using