Thursday, 28 May 2009

Street Style: On Paris

Gorgeous French girl: oui!

Adorable safari-style playsuit: oui!

Sensible yet chic navy deck shoes: oui!

Vélib' bike: oui!

Sunshine and Long Shadows: oui!

It's urban safari, the Parisian way!

p.s. thank you to this girl's lovely man for doing some translating and encouraging us with the photos :)


  1. Gorgeous! gorgeous everything!!

    Love, Clara

  2. As, ever your good eye for backgrounds shows her simple, eleagant style to advantage. Even the lines of her bike are tres chic.

  3. Thanks Cameron- those bikes are the ones you can hire for a very small amount in Paris. You pick them up from any "station" (there are normally a few per neighbourhood) and then drop them off at any station- they simply "lock in". Its cheap, fun and a great way to see Paris- um, and to work off all those hot choc's and pain au chocolat's!