Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Street Style....J'adore Paris!

J'adore Paris, J'adore Rue due Mail by Martine Sitbon, J'adore Life!

The more I visit Paris, the more I fall in love with this exquisite city. It just keeps getting better and better....while my grasp of the French language seems to be on the decline! I suspect that there is only one way to fix that: we must move to Paris. Urgently. And we must live in the Marais. Close to the most divine falafel on the planet, within easy Vélib' cycling distance of the Canal Saint-Martin, a short skip in heels* to the Barbara Bui, Vanessa Bruno and Manoush boutiques (and Australian Martin Grant's showroom which is tucked away somewhere, impossible for a non-map reader like me to find), a mere stumble away from my favourite coffee haunt in Paris: Au Petit Fer à Cheval, an easy Metro ride on the "yellow line" to the Tuileries (and Angelina's, Ladurée, Colette, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Lanvin), a quick taxi ride to Le Bistrot Paul Bert, Willi's Wine Bar and the open-air food market on the Ave. du Président-Wilson in the 16th Arr....and and and!

I suspect my pleas of a move to Paris will go unheaded but it IS nice to dream, non?

I only had a day plus a few hours in Paris (before we took the train to Avignon) so I didn't get as many photos as I would have liked (which I will post over the next couple of weeks, interspersed with photos from the streets of London) but I guess they are a little like an amuse-bouche: a teensy taster to excite, tease and tempt before I head back in a month's time for a little longer :)

And these fabulous pants? They were from Martine Sitbon's label, Rue due Mail. I love the way she has teamed them with a simple tank, sheer cardi, Guy Laroche yellow bangle and especially the little black and white checked bra. So effortlessly French, chic, stylish, sexy, understated....

Ahhh, but she is not French! She and her lovely boyfriend were from Poland although they now live in Paris. Hmmmm it gives me hope- maybe if we could move to Paris some of the Parisian style would immediately rub off onto me....like how to walk in heels on cobbled streets without breaking a heel, an ankle....

*who am I kidding here?! I practically live in Converse these days!


  1. Great photos! Do you know what label is that sheer cardigan? I like it a lot.

  2. Hey thanks Naboonies!....Hmmmmmm I am not sure what label the cardi was-I think the tank was Vivienne Westwood (you can just make out the writing on the front of it) but I have no idea about the sheer cardigan. I wondered if it too may have been rue de mail?