Tuesday 19 May 2009

Street Style....Monochrome

This beautiful girl was wearing vintage and the quirky thing was, she was carrying the book by Christa Weil called "Its Vintage Darling! How to be a Clothes Connoisseur" :)

And I love this white tuxedo-ish jacket: it sets off her golden tan and blonde hair perfectly. And do you note the fabulous men's style watch (most people seem to just rely on their mobile phones these days instead of wearing a watch.... I am one of them!) And what looks very much like a Cartier Love bracelet?

And then these completely wonderful monochrome Louboutin heels...there is nothing sexier (or more exciting for a style stalker with camera) than seeing a flash of red on the heel when a woman walks...there were quite a few workman who also seemed quite taken by the Christian Louboutin's when she walked ;-)


  1. There's notice and there's NOTICE! I remember Miss Yellow Boots hearing from the passing traffic.

  2. Nice to see a reader looking great!

    Love your blog, lots of inspiration here. xx Christa

    www.fashionpreserve.blogspot. com

  3. Thanks Christa!! I think she would be very pleased with your compliment! I think that about 80% of the people I photograph are wearing vintage....by itself, mixed with a little High Street or Designer. Your book couldn't be more relevant:)