Thursday, 16 July 2009

London Street Style...Suit Candy

As soon as I spotted this gentleman near Savile Row, I couldn't take my eyes off him....there was something about him. He had, for want of a better word, presence. And I wasn't the only one who noticed. I watched as he walked along the street and a couple of people (men and women) actually turned their heads to look back at him...not in a "is he or isn't he a celebrity" kind of way but in a "there's something about that guy" kind of way.

Yes, he was wearing a beautifully tailored suit* (braces/suspenders, no belt) but it was more than that: it was the glasses, the way he carried himself, the thin gold bracelet on his right arm, even the way he held his cigarette was incredibly chic (you can almost hear the sound of the silver lighter flipping open).

Photographing this gent conjured up thoughts of Yves Saint Laurent (those heavy glasses), Mad Men, martinis, 1950's/60's glamour and sophistication, smooth whiskey, dark, smokey art deco bars....

*the "crinkling" in the photo was caused by the way he was standing, not the cut of the suit.


  1. I love these photos, they are beautiful. There definitely is an YSL feel to his silhouette. Such a handsome man.
    I am getting pretty excited about Wednesday! I hope work isn't too hard... xxx

  2. Oh my god, it's James Bond's more sophisticated cousin! I'd probably be one of the people turning my head if he was walking on my block.

  3. Mme Robot- Me too!! I mean about Wed, not the photos :) I just talked to one of my friends from Australia and she thought he was a Cat as well...
    Kim- spot on! It is James Bond's more sophisticated cousin! I hope I bump into him again so I can find out more about him...oh and take another photograph ;-)

  4. I want to be him when I grow up!

  5. Love the nonchalance of the pose. A TV pocket square the same colour as the tie would've finished off the look perhaps - although there was a time in the '60's when pocket handkerchiefs were out of vogue, so in his favour, it does give a slightly rebellious look.