Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Paris Street Style...Pink Bow-Tie

Okay, so I only had a little time in Paris on Saturday morning to make some photos (phrase borrowed from the very sweet Jack Daniel from Daniel's Graphic Life) and I completely forgot that many Parisians leave for summer holidays in late July/August....so I only managed to get a couple of photos for the blog. But what I lacked in quantity, I made up for in meeting some very lovely people (apart from the fab bloggers that I was on my petite Paris jaunt with, that is). Like Elle here*, Marion from Marion Rocks (photos in the above post) and Charlotte from Tinky Minky! .

Elle has been stopped in the street before by a Spanish street style blogger (she said she was wearing the same denim dress as she has on here) and many of you are probably already familiar with Marion and Charlotte's blogs, or, like me, you have seen their faces on the blogs of other street style photographers!
*I am really hoping her name was Elle....I didn't write it down, and I had 4am-wake-up-call-brain going on.

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  1. Her bow pendant makes a perfect compliment to the unadorned, denim dress.