Thursday 16 July 2009

Paris Street Style...Play Date

The playsuit.

Paired with sky-high wedges for a very grown-up playdate.

Exchange thoughts of climbing frames, jump rope and sticky fingers for champagne, fromage and a very cute boy.

Catch&Kiss, optional :)


  1. Very nice blog. It was interesting to look at your archives and discover the evolution of your photographic style and techniques.

  2. I love the emotion in the first pic! :)

  3. Love her romper. Simple yet chic.

  4. Shes got an amazing pair of legs too!
    I think that pretty much keeps me out of playsuits then....

  5. Hi Vanessa, brilliant work - the 'contact me' function is malfunctioning but I'd love to get in touch about the possibility of you contributing to our magazine, The Rake (
    Please do email me:
    Cheers, C.

  6. July Stars- ha! I completely cringe when I look back at my "old"- well, even from 3 months ago- photos. I have said it before and I will say it again, photography is a massive learning curve for me and at times I absolutely, completely suck at it. But as David duChemin, one of my "silent" mentors (READ: he doesn't actually know he is a mentor but he is!) and an outstanding photographer and writer, reminds us on his blog- it is okay to suck, not forever of course!, but definitely for long as you have vision. And I "think" I now know where I want to be photographically- I just gotta get there! Woah, that turned into a sermon- thanks July Stars for visiting and commenting- that is what keeps me going :)
    Diana- Me too! It makes me smile when I look at it :)
    Anon- I am trying to remember where it is from- it is a French label,I think, BaSh or something like that? I kept walking past the shops and forgot to write it down....
    Kate-yeah her legs were soooooooooo long and toned (helloooo how do French women DO that?! Oh yeah, by walking a lot and lugging groceries and babies up a whole bunch of stairs 4 times a day!)but for those of us without perfect pins I reakon a slightly longer playsuit would be perfect.
    Anon- Hey Christian, I will definitely email you! I checked out the magazine and it looks great. And thanks for letting me know the contact me button is broken- I will have to look into it.

  7. I adore this outfit!
    Vanessa, do you know that yours is one of my favorite blogs?
    Lucy =)

  8. I just noticed that some of the other streetstyle fashion bloggers are photographing the same persons like you. do have a great eye for unique streetstylish fashion people. :)

    Tell me, Vanessa...why are french ladies so beautiful? Why...?? It hurts. I need to go to Paris. I've NEVER been there before!

  9. preeeeetty jumpsuit! i want it! haha your blog is very tasty ;)

  10. What an awesome romper! And an adorable smile too.

  11. so super gorgeous. you walk a fine line when you pair heels with the romper. success.
    the chucks were brand spankin' new and i don't killed them in the wilderness.

    link up?


  12. Really one of the BEST streetstyle blogs on the web! I like almost every outfit here :)
    (I have linked your blog on mine)

  13. Hello from Brazil! Just loved your page, especially because you developed soooo much! It's impressive! I always dream about fashion style in Europe, USA, Asia...people have so much fun with clothes...I live in São Paulo. A huge city, as big as NY. People still try to have fun, but it's so...I don't have a word in english, but maybe "boring" fits here.Even colorful tights can be reason for people staring as you were an ET. But it's inspirational. If I can't use, I can see others...keep going!

  14. Hi Vanessa, I'd love to interview you as part of's bloggers series. Drop me a line if you'd be interested.

  15. Hi Vanessa,
    I had a look at your FlickR Pictures. Very impressive !
    Congratulations and thanks for your comments on Easy Fashion Paris.


  16. Moreeee Paris pic's pleasee :)


  17. Thank you everyone for your lovely, and encouraging comments :)
    thanks Lucy- that is very sweet of you to say so :) I am just looking at your "customisation" post- holy crap, who knew you could customise your LV AND your Longchamp shopper!
    Jack Daniel- Damn skippy, JD, you HAVE to get your ar*e over to Paris! It is beautiful, the people are beautiful, the food is beautiful! You would love it- you would make gorgeous pictures over there...amongst other things ;-)
    Lilee, Shen-Shen, Blue- thank you!
    Textstyles-mine last ONE DAY before looking extraordinarily manky :)
    Fernanda- thanks so much Fernanda for your thoughtful comments- it is interesting your observations re Sao Paulo (a place I would LOVE to go to). I think the reason photographers like to travel is that it "reinvigorates" and stimulates the senses-and I guess street style bloggers are no exception to the rule. And it is really interesting to see how different cities have different styles- I think in London you can pretty much wear anything and no-one bats an eyelid.
    Fred- oh dear, most of those flickr photos I want to forget! Still, I had to start somewhere I guess :)
    Linda- I will try :):) I am off to Paris tomorrow for the day- not sure I will get any shots but I will definitely be trying!
    Kerry- thanks! I shall be in contact :)