Thursday 20 August 2009

Brighton and Hove Street Style...New Kid on the Block

Sophie, who I spotted playing Crazy Golf (is this the same as putt-putt???) with her friends.

Love her bowler hat and slouchy denim vest and unzipped boots!


  1. she's so cute! she's short like me (:

  2. this is such amazingness!

    the firs shot is lovely - you've really captured her beauty, and the essence of her style, keep it up xxx

  3. ooh i love what she is wearing.great hair, and vanessa, great photography! you really do have a knack for finding the gems to snap away at!

    love love xxx

  4. jameson ruth, jacquie and Audrey (aka Ms Frassy!): thanks so much everyone! Weirdly, after I took this shot, I have been seeing bowler hats popping up everywhere! New season trend perhaps? I just can't wait to see some of those Louis Vuitton-inspired bunny ears on the street!

  5. i LOVE her outfit, the floral shorts and denim is the best.
    great photos as always,