Friday, 21 August 2009

Eurostar "Little Break to Paris" Competition!

Okily, it's time to give something back to my lovely blog readers/stalkers who follow me through my ups and downs!

You may recall that I was lucky enough to be taken by Eurostar and We Are Social communications agency to Paris for the day in late July, along with a number of other fashion bloggers from London. Well, now it is your turn to experience your own little break to Paris!

Eurostar and We Are Social have given me a PAIR of Eurostar tickets to give away to one of my blog readers....and they are LEISURE SELECT tickets so that means you get the comfy seats, a yummy meal, free glossy magazines and, the best bit, CHAMPAGNE* on your journey! And because they are a PAIR of tickets, it means you can take your mum, your man, your nana, your girl, your bestie, your doggie or your pet rabbit (actually, probably you can't take your dog or your rabbit but you get the general idea :)) to share in your adventure!

So how do you enter the competition?

All you have to do is write in the comments section of this post what you would do on your little break to Paris. It might be lunch at a three-Michelin-star restaurant, shopping for vintage at Didier Ludot, Bastien de Almeida (BDA) or Puces de Vanves, a wander around the windy, hilly streets of Monmartre and Pigalle (you might even bump into fellow style photographer Fred from Easy Fashion in Paris!), brunch at the Rose bakery in the Marais or Coco&Co in Saint Germain, a night out to the Lido cabaret show, a visit to the La Maison Européenne de la Photographie, a dash up the Eiffel Tower, a day spent strolling in the Tuilleries or the Jardin du Luxembourg, or a journey down into the bowels of the city to visit the Catacombes de Paris.

We Are Social will shortlist the best 5 answers and I get to pick the winner**- yay!

Any Conditions?

Apart from being 18 or over, you must be able to get to St Pancras station (as the journey is from St Pancras to Paris and back again) and travel before the end of October this year.

The competition is open until 6pm on Monday 31 August 2009.

So, get busy with your keyboard and tell us what you would do on your little break if you won the tickets. I would love to hear about the crazy, fun, interesting, fabulous things you would do (although do keep anything x-rated for your own imagination only please :). If nobody enters, I may be forced to enter and win those tickets myself (So PLEASSSSE ENTER!!).

Love this couple (above)- they were from Russia and I photographed them back during the men's collections...

This is Edie from Ireland (below) and I photographed her when I was on my Eurostar/We Are Social "little break". I adored her Ed Hardy t-shirt, little biker boots and frou- frou skirt...not to mention her brother giggling at the "crazy lady with the camera" in the background!

Chasing shadows in Paris:

*Unfortunately this means you have to be 18 or over to enter the competition- sorry guys :(

** Yes, I mean NOOOOOO, I can't be bribed with a Erdem Globe Trotter vanity case! ;-)


  1. Are the tickets valid for a year or two, perhaps? Ha-ha, wishful thinking. Since I'm not anywhere near London, or Europe, for that matter.

  2. Well me and my girlfriend have wanted to go to Paris ever since we got together about 4 years ago now, we have never planned what we would really do other than walk around the Lourve for hours on end, have a pic nic in front on the Eiffel tower, go wine testing (wine not, ahem!) rent out bikes and travel round backstreets looking for little tea shops, brick-a-brac places and of course end the day with a lovely meal and a nice fancy pants restaurant (or get a Fench pizza, which I've heard to much about).

    what else could we need?

  3. Uh-oh. I read too fast and didn't see that part about the validity of the tickets until I read your post again. No need to answer my question then. Though I'm still not over with the wishful thinking. :-)

  4. Love that little girl's style and her brother's, too! Hmmm... methinks if I pull off a grown-up version of that look?

  5. A weekend in Paris? Ah that would be a dream come true. Haha instead of attempting to recreate sofia coppola's ad for miss dior cherie (with myself playing the role of maryna linchuk of course :P) in peak tourist time (ie. now) I’d much rather spend my time exploring Paris' underground artwork which has remained undisturbed for hundreds of years. I'd love to see the eclectic mix of artwork created by anonymous and illicit visitors whose paintings, sculptures, drawings and graffiti have formed a subversive, poetic and original commentary on the world above ground. I found out about this amazing place via this book: and have been dreaming about going there ever since...

  6. Oh my goodness. This has been my daydream for years:
    I would take my dad! We would rise early and have breakfast at a yummy cafe, sitting ouside sipping hot drinks observing the city awake. We'd rent bikes and discover as many little fabric stores and vintage shops we could find. A break for lunch at Louvre, then off oooing and awwing at the old buildings and architecture of small villages. After hours of exploring and smiles permanently on our faces, the aromas of glorious foods would lead us to the nearest restaurant, where we'd ask a kind local where we could go for great live music after the Eiffel light show. ..All the while snapping a few photos of this-'n-thats as evidence that our trip wasn't just a dream.

    I've been dreaming for too long.

  7. If I win will the nice people at We Are Social fly my to London first? :). Anyway, I would take the lovely Rebecca (and sneak Josephine in) before popping in to Laduree or Pierre Herme for a few (or 20) macarons. Then meander around the Marais, browsing at shops and the lovely little parks, to walk off the macarons. Next stop would be Plaza Athenee for a very very long lunch (I've always wanted to go). Feeling extremely overindulged by that stage, a walk up to the Sacre Coeur would be in order to admire the views over Paris. We'd find a little wine bar, before grabbing a table at the Lido to round off an amazing day. And in between all that, of course we'd have time to pick up a Erdem Globe Trotter vanity case for our favourite photographer...

  8. Hi there-I did the Eurostar for a day in Paris in May and it was such a wonderful experience, I would definitely like to go again!! I'll check out the Notre Dame Cathedral, a riverboat cruise along the Seine and a visit to the top of the Eiffel Tower are must do's. I would like to do more shopping, as my last visit was mainly sightseeing, so this would be top of the agenda too!!

  9. This last picture of the girl running after the shadow reminds me of my childhood...I use to play a game with my friends called "chasing our shadows" in which we would stop and pretend to catch up to where our shadows would be.
    You captured the memory and imagination of the game in this brought me back memories!
    Great shot!

  10. I've already visited Paris, doing all the "touristic" things, so I'd love to make something unusual...
    Since I first heard about it, I've always loved Latourex (LAboratoire de TOUrisme EXperimental), an organization founded in Strasbourg in 1990 dedicated to the discovery of new ways of tourism, ways to turn a classic journey into something personal. During the years they developed a considerable amount of projects you can try on your own travel (if you're interested in knowing more, I strongly recommend you The Lonely Planet Guide To Experimental Travel).

    In Paris I'd love to do a mix of two projects, the "Aestethic Journey" and the "Ariadne Thread".
    The first is about creating an artistic record of your trip in a novel way, using your preferred medium. The Ariadne Thread consists in chosing random - local - people and ask them about their meaningful places in the city, then place all of them on a map, drawing lines between this and follow your "Ariadne thread".

    So I would visit Paris like a 2009 Amelie (the emotional side) trapped in a Wes Anderson movie (the aestethic aspects), wandering around the city and shooting what I see with a Diana+ camera. Cause this way the results of my shoots would be unpredictable as my journey ;-)

  11. Hi from Paris Vanessa !

    You could have see me.
    My home is 150m from Rose Bakery :)).
    Thank you so much for your comments on Easy fashion.
    Your portraits are really good. Congratulations.

    Fred the Mole

  12. Ah Paris: city of light; of macaroons; amazing pastries; wine and, erm, Parisiennes. Amazing. To win an amazing trip, such as this, I guess my day would go a little something like this:

    An early start is a prerequisite - there's so many, nay, too many things to try and fit into a day, or even weekend in Paris. To sweep away any cobwebs, or in my case some slight grumpiness (I'm not the world's best 'morning person') a trip to Philippe Gosselin's boulangerie for what has been desribed as Paris' best baguettes would be a must for me. If they are good enough for the Elysee Palace, well, they must be good enough for me.

    Seeing as I was already on Rue St Honore, a trip into Colette would be next, as well as another couple of shops on the famed shopping street. If you're going to max out your credit card on any of the world's great shopping streets - why not do it on this one. To get my fill of shopping, a little perusal in Galleries Lafayette and La Samaritaine would be on the cards.

    For amazing views over Paris I'd head upto Parc des Buttes in Chaumont for a little picnic: baguette, brie, ham and champagne in hand. And maybe some macaroons for Laduree.

    I've always meant to go, but never made it, to see Pere-Lachaise Cemetary. No, I'm not morbid, but with such venerable people all contained in one place, it is one of those 'must sees' in Paris. So I'm told.

    My day would end up in Le Jules Verne Restaurant. To have a romantic meal in the Eiffel Tower would have to be the best way to end the perfect day in Paris.

    Ah, I can but dream ;)

  13. For my twin sister Pauline and I, an ideal day in Paris will be having a nice breakfast at a little bistrot outside la Gare du nord. Then we will head straight to le Marche aux Puces de Clignancourt where we will browse endlessly for the most amazing and rare french cameos and laces.
    We will make a stop at a shop called Les Prairies de Paris because it just sound so french and so romantic.. and so chic.
    We will go to Le Jardin des Tuileries were we will admire beautiful sculptures and architectures that surround it while lunching on jambon beurre and other religieuse au cafe.
    We will go to La Place du Trocadero as it gives the most amazing view of the Eiffel Tower.
    We will end our fun walking down la plus belle avenue du monde, L'avenue des Champs Elysees, blending with beautiful people, beautiful arcades and counting our blessings for that beautiful day.

  14. Ah ah !
    Sounds as if I was in Paris ...
    In fact I am !
    Have a nice stay, if you there !!

    Fred the Mole

  15. I would twirl my way up to Montmartre in search of an artist who created this painting:

    It's currently hanging on my uncle's living room wall. After hearing stories about how he came to meet the artist, I scribbled down a few notes in my "things to do" notebook in the hope of one day meeting & persuading him to sell me one of his creations.

    My sister, who would be my + one, would get to follow the paths of one of her favourite film characters, Zazie, from Zazie dans le metro.

    We would explore the city until the soles of our shoes melted.

    The climatic point of the expedition would be a trip to the Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson. Cartier-Bresson's idea of "The Decisive Moment" sums up what I've always imagined Paris to be about. Is it true?

    Eleni x

  16. My husband (Ming) and I would really enjoy a a first visit to Paris. Our mission would be to experience the local culture- especially the FOOD. We'd try some authentic head-cheese, marinate in the pressed duck at Michel Rostang, and definitely embrace the escargot. And can't forget to visit the street markets!

    As for attractions, we are in the art and architecture profession and would like to visit the Louvre, see a ballet/theater production, find the local pubs n' clubs and do some serious shopping- well, everywhere!

    After a session of photo-taking around town, I'd personally insist on visiting the Sea Life Aquarium or Disneyland Paris. To cap things off, we'd find a good wine and cheese-tasting venue, and buy some chocolates and souvenirs.

    Thanks for the competition! ~ Sandy & Ming *:D

    ~Ooh, and I'd really like to go hat-shopping.

  17. I went to Paris a few years ago and have been desperate to go back. I did a lot of the tourist things then, but I never got to go up to the top of the Eiffel Tower and I never went to the Louvre, so I would like to do that.

    Other wise I would like to visit the flea market at Porte de Clignancourt and hunt for bargains and buy gorgeous cakes from Pain de Sucre near the Pompidou Centre then eat them with a bottle of Champagne on the Pont des Arts while the sun sets.

  18. Nothing surpasses waking up in Paris – the world’s most sophisticated and fashionable city. My perfect day begins in Montparnasse with golden, flaky croissants and a strong café au lait, surely the best way to invigorate the palette ahead of what is sure to be a day filled with gastronomic delights. A pleasant bicycle ride to Marché des Enfants Rouges and I find myself at the oldest covered market in Paris renowned for its organic produce, delicatessens and vast selections of wine. A sleepy boat ride down the Seine followed by a romantic walk through the Jardin du Luxembourg helps to capture the emotion of the city. Dinner would be a magnificent feast served at the bistro Le Vieux Belleville, which offers unparalleled vistas of a city bejeweled with lights. Several nights a week, local chansonniers perform, lyrics are passed out and you sing along to old Parisian favorites while you drink red wine and eat a good steak.

  19. I would have to go to Montmartre and spend the day retracing Nino's steps in Amelie, when he runs down the Sacre coeur steps to try and catch her.
    Also, while we were there, I'd drag my boyfriend on the carousel there, near where Amelie made the phone call, just for good measure.
    We'd also go to the Gare de lest and have a photo taken in the photobooth there, a la, yes, you guessed it, Amelie.
    To round the evening off (And to make me sound a little less of a massive nerd as I already do!) we'd have a night picnic in the garden underneath the eiffel tower.
    Of course there would be definite moments of shopping and vintage shop scouring in there, as well as a healthy dose of eatage.
    It doesn't sound particularly exciting, but that would be my absolute perfect day in Paris.
    Nerd day out! =]

  20. Having enviously read all about your Little Fashion Break in Paris, my own trip would definitely be made up of trying to find the people from all your lovely photographs, combined with going to some of the places mentioned by the other bloggers who went with you!

    I would start off in the Marais, visiting La Belle Epoque for some vintage clothing (Mademoiselle Robot likes this place) followed by looking at the new charity concept store Merci (Disney Roller Girl is a fan). I would keep an eye out all the while for the people in red and white stripes in your pictures, and would try to spot the vivacious Anna from your July 14 shots in the Marais, which I particularly like! For lunch I would head to Monjul (recommended by Mademoiselle Robot) after which I might pop in for an appointment at the Anouschka fashion apartment (Disney Roller Girl suggests going here although, quite possibly, I’d only be brave enough to get as far as the door!) For the evening I think I would settle down in Le Réservoir to see a concert from my restaurant table (suggested by Sandrine on Little Break, Big Difference). And hopefully I’d find long-legged Parisien women in playsuits during my frolics around Paris too like you did!

    It would be a perfect little break made up entirely of bloggers’ ideas and trying to hunt for the people in your photographs!

  21. First let me say that I just discovered this blog, and that the photos are really beautiful. I'm always looking for new street photographers' work to see different visions on how it can be done, and yours is one which really has its own personality behind the shots.

    Since Paris is all about beauty and elegance, I would take the opportunity to head over for the next Paris Fashion Week! I would jump in the excitement and run from show to show, soaking in as much of the beautiful surroundings as possible on my way. As I'm also a street photographer, getting some amazing shots outside of the shows of the fashionable Paris elite would be a huge priority. Paris is a great place to stroll leisurely through, but the real beauty of Paris is in being whisked around spontaneously and living the busy life of a Parisian. It's then that one can really see why people stay in Paris, not just visit.

    Wherever I travel, my goal is to live like the locals, and Paris would be no different. I would certainly get to know some new friends outside of the shows, who could undoubtedly point me to some of the hidden secrets that only the real Parisians know. That's the benefit of being a street photographer, an opportunity to speak to people you normally wouldn't and meet some truly amazing people. I think it's the people that really make Paris beautiful.

    Of course, when in Paris, part of a living like a local includes all the cafés, wine, and delicious food that everyone speaks about, but those would all be secondary to my real goal: To discover Paris through the eyes of a Parisian.

    Thanks again for this blog and hope to meet you some time in London!

    Dario @ Stil in Berlin

  22. I haven't been to Paris in about 10 years... So i'm basing this on fleeting memories.

    I would begin my day by having a pain au chocolat et un chocolat chaud on some nice patio somewhere, (the chocolate overdose is needed for its aphrodisiac properties that are oh so necessary to keep one's mind on edge in a city like paris) then go spelunking into one of Paris' many incredible librairies. (if you've been to one you know what I mean, see this if not: of course there is Shakespeare and co, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. Explore the old Comic books like Spirou and Gaston la gaffe... And dream of a time in the 70s when old Paris was fused with la modernite. I would then eat an arabic sandwitch and sit in les jardins des tuileries... Just because of that juxtaposition. (the chaos of a dripping meaty, non-french, but yet very french sandwich complete with fries (chips) in the gardens that chevauchent (one of) the centerpiece(s) of Paris, creating some sort of microcosmic commentary on immigration in the city through the ages) Then maybe i would look at a cemetery ... see someone important and dead. Oscar Wilde? J.P. Sartre? (i've never done that before), then maybe walk through les Galleries de LaFayette, because I can't afford anything there, other than the free fashion shows but i've never seen one of those. ( Then i would go to the latin quarter for dinner, where I would indulge in paella and sangria before climbing up to Montmartre for a night-view of the city. I have some fantasy of then applying some HDR photog skills (which I do not yet have) into capturing the sun setting under a thin blanket of clouds, creating a mesmerizing scene of shadows and fire engulfing this short city as the sun sets.

  23. What a perfect time to throw this competition, I know exactly when I would go, Paris Fashion Week! Of course I don't have any invites but I would just wander the Tuilleries in amazement watching the gaggles of street style photographers stalk the stylish attendees. I get a little leap every time I see an amazing streetstyle photo (Jak&Jil is possibly my favourite, after you of course!) to see those making them, and moreover the subjects in real life, mon dieu! I might even run into you!

  24. I'd love to take my sister to Paris. It's been years since we spent any quality time together and it would be fantastic to take in the City and relax in each other's company, away from the hustle and bustle of our lives here.
    I'd pick some special 'girly' moments - I'd love to explore some flea markets in search of the unusual, stock up with provisions from Hediard, window shop at Cartier and Chanel, then indulge in Laduree macaroons.
    If we're feeling extravagant we could enjoy a relaxing treatment at Spa Nuxe.
    What a fabulous opportunity to enjoy a decadent, delicious day x

  25. I hate being a tourist. I have always preferred to spend long enough in a new place to let it seep under the skin; then, if life permits, revisit. I went to Paris once as a child and again as a student and if I were lucky enough to return, I would forego the Tour Eiffel and opt instead for discovering a few new treasures and return to old favourites--obviously armed with murderously impractical heels and a Rag & Bone romper! In the early morning I would visit the original Moulin de la Vierge boulangerie (on a street whose gaulish name I could never pronounce, let alone spell) where the baguettes are still baked in a wood-burning Lefort oven and set to cool and crackle in willow baskets. I'd make a proper tartine to munch on during a stroll through le Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, my favourite of the Haussmann parks. Here, the early light strikes the lake and high cliffs in a breathtaking way, dew fills the air with the smell of chestnuts--the perfect way to brace oneself for the city's whirling pace. I'd take time to appreciate the graffiti in the quirky neighbourhood (Belleville), where outdoor markets, cool galleries and even cooler street art abounds. Here, the anarchic spirit of the 60's nouvelle vague (think the Paris of Godard's Masculin/Feminin) has been refigured amidst diverse immigrant communities--which makes for a vibrant atmosphere and amazing food! I would then cross the river and hang out in one of the many secondhand bookstores in the area around Rue Mouffetard, hunting for a Felix Nadar monograph or a good edition of Montaigne's Essais. The afternoon would be spent window shopping and maybe sneaking into French Vogue headquarters on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore. I'd retrace the journey of Varda's Cleo down the Left Bank, snap some pictures of mimes and find a quiet spot for dinner--even a simple roast chicken on a bench at sunset would make for a brilliant autumn evening. Finally, if I was feeling lucky, I might head back to Belleville and hunt down a plein-air party hosted by a cool Parisian DJ on the roof of an abandoned sweater factory, and dance until dawn with a view of the whole glittering city. All this I would do with my man, because after all, what is Paris without a lover?

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