Monday, 31 August 2009

London Street Style...Denim Story

The gorgeous Toni and her fab denim jacket. I probably need to write a whole lot more on the versatility of the denim jacket but I am still in Lyon and using a laptop where English spell-check doesn't seem to work. So to spare you the agony of reading a horribly misspelt post (it's been a long time between Spelling Bee's!) I will save it for when I get back to London.

I will say this though- a denim jacket is like a good blazer/jacket: something that will last you for years and is incredibly versatile so it is worth spending a little bit more on to get a great fit, denim fabric and cut. I have a white motorcycle style from Max&Co (circa 2002) and a Betty Jackson pale denim number (circa 2005) which I still adore.


  1. What a pleasure to meet you this afternoon. No sooner had I arrived at home, I visited your blog and enthoused about your pictures ! I am looking forward to seeing our pictures ! (if you can't take them on your blog, can you send them to me by mail please ?)
    Doubtless, I will be used to go on your blog :)
    Have a nice trip in Annecy (lucky you !)

  2. Definitely, a little denim jacket is a great addiction to every wardrobe.
    I'm waiting for your "Loving Right Now" monthly feature, I like to read it ;-)
    Have fun in Lyon!

  3. Oooh fellow Uni of the Arts student! I never knew they had white passcard holders as well? I'd say the denim jacket is perfect with her haircolour..

  4. Hi Vanessa, wonderful photo of a wonderful jacket! You're so right about denim jackets! After many many years I found myself a new one (I've got 4 already) in Italy this summer. This Dondup jacket has a very great and fashionable fit, I'm really happy with it! xx

  5. oh it's me!
    Was lovely meeting you Vanessa. I am following your blog eagerly. Please feel free to follow mine.


  6. Pretty excited to see this photo. I've similar shoes in black and purple plaid from F21 so they're probably knock-offs and the ribbons were gone. But still I bought them 'cause they were like just $5 a pair. Can't wait to wear them this fall!