Monday 31 August 2009

London Street Style...Diiiiirty Glam

Carlos Rivera, Spanish fashion writer and author of men's style blog, El Sexo debil de la moda, which you can check out here. Carlos oozes style but in a wonderfully fresh, individual and, it has to be said, unnervingly sexy way. Is it the hair, the jewellery, the flash of chest peeking out of his floral shirt??? I don't know but I love it! It's dirty glam :)

I also really like the way Carlos writes on his blog- it's witty and not-too-serious but still fashion informative. For all of us non-Spanish speakers, Carlos has just started writing his posts in English (with the help of his tutor). Here are a few snippets from his latest post entitled "NOW":

"NOW the most fashionable trend is wearing old fashioned clothes, so.......

Search your wardrobe looking for greatest basics from other times.

• Go to your grandparents house in your holiday break and steal the grandma's must haves, if she was wearing a Louis Vuitton bag it's an extra point for you and your futures looks, remember now is fashionable normal size bags, forgot your maxi, your shoulders are gonna be happier, so Now we're wearing female bags and what's the matter???

Fall/winter is coming, i don't care! mix and match always Spring and Autumn, it's funnier and more affordable, maybe you can save some money for your oyster.

• How many friends do you have? you should share a bit more, (styling speaking,) ask your best friend for his favourites shoes, if you don't have the same size, it's your problem...

Now is now, ok, nice...and what about before?, you can repeat a great look, the only one thing to remember; don't take pictures that day, Facebook can be a devil!!!...

• I'm 6'1, so 1.83 more or less, if you're shorter or taller than me you must wear men heels. The height gives you a different point of view.

• Winning colour combinations: firstly dark blue is the new black, since seasons ago, ok, mixed perfectly with black, together and forever. Secondly; acid colours, what's that? forget it for now.

• Prints: Leopard please, also you can wear other animals, polka dots-GYPSY-neo-hippie.

• Now is 70’s 80's and 90's. Three decades that are alive and kicking once again. Future Looks, as well, vampir-e-looks, and also, Barroco...

•You must have in your wardrobe: Black Blazer one button, con K of Kaiser for H&M, be careful if you've got a girlfriend or several, Now the boyfriend's style (by Karl, five years ago...), for her is one of her best trends. White t-shirt cotton and viscose, vintage jewellery, (Gianni is alive, so...VERSACE) finally regular cut and LASER jeans.

• The last thing is: customization yes, but just a touch!, put a ribbon in your favourite necklace, as NOW ribbon trend and black-liner is for the men!!!... "

Carlos is wearing a vintage jacket from the 70's and vintage 70's Bjorn Borg sunglasses (anyone tried his undies?).

p.s. I am starting to think that the Spanish are some of the sexiest people on earth...Lucia the other day, and now Carlos! Is it something in the olive oil?the cava? Hollllllllllllllaaaaaaaa!


  1. Qué guapooo!!!!! :-)

  2. Dirty never looked so good.

  3. Thanks a lot Vanessa for your amazing post, I have to tell you something, the photoshoot with you had been really amazing, you're really proffesional with your camera and really nice as person.

    With out a doubt I'm sao glad wathing people like you doing a job for fashion love.

    We're in contact, maybe some day we can do something I would like, and FASHION WEEK is coming so, who knows...

    Thank you and your camera, and take care.



  4. I know Carlos well! Believe me in Madrid he is an exception to the rule! A true one of a kind fashionista! His fashion sense was never truely acceptable in a country of stiff formality thus the need to fly the nest to London!
    You know what they say: You can be naked on a desert Island, But in London you can be naked in public.

    I think in months and years to come Carlos (or KIng Charles as we call him) will really allow his style to manifest in truely exception ways.....
    Is that not what London is all about; true individuality and not a second wasted following the herd......
    KIng Charles I salute you!


  5. So stylish, I'm off to add his blg to my reader, thanks.