Friday, 18 September 2009

Running with The Fash Pack: Shooting for British Vogue!

A very quick post before I head into the fashion trenches....I am doing street style photos for British Vogue this fashion week and am beyond excited! Six months ago, when I started photographing street style photos 'seriously', I never imagined that I would have this opportunity (although I might have secretly dreamt about it ;-)). Actually, just getting to step into the hallowed floors of the Vogue offices was amazing- as I sat tightly clutching my portfolio in reception a couple of months ago (trying not to let me knees knock together), Alexandra Shulman strode past: it was rather like being in the presence of a Supreme Court Judge.... exhilarating and awe inspiring! The Vogue team were absolutely lovely....and yes, they really are fabulously dressed ALL THE TIME.
So, wish me luck and if you see me with my camera, come and say hello! I would love to meet you all if you are around this week at LFW. Anyone who has been shot by me knows I love a chat (although my mind went strangely blank yesterday when I was interviewed by a radio station- must practice my answers better ;-)


  1. thats brilliant news! can't wait to see the results, you will have to let us know which month it will be in.

  2. Just one word ...

    Congratulations !


    Easy Fashion Paris

  3. Bravo Vanessa ! You are going to be great and everything is going to be alright ! You are so talented !

  4. Congratulations Vanessa!!! This is great!
    Can you believe I still haven't got a chance to purchase a single issue of British Vogue?! That's weird, considering my passion for magazines! I'll be sure to go on the hunt for the coming issues, when your photos will be published ;-)

  5. What an inspiration! BV are lucky to have you on board.

  6. CONGRATULATIONS! Such a big deal -- and such an honor! I only wish I were in your indomitable shoes. Please keep us posted on how you're doing.

    I also recommended your blog to a friend of mine yesterday who's grown a bit weary of other (ahem, no names named) well-known streetstyle blogs. She was impressed.

  7. Congratulations! Go girl!
    And please do write more of where to find your feature - on Vogue's website? In print? And good luck with the weather :)

  8. Thanks so, so much everyone for all your comments and encouragement! I am so blessed to have such lovely, amazing readers- if it wasn't for you guys there is no way any of this would have happened. So thank you.
    Okay so I will post tonight one of my fav shots from today and tell you all a little bit of what has been going on. It is extremely fun down here at the BFC tents- the Face Hunter is here, I had a great chat with the gorgeous Craig from Alta Mira NYC (hellllloooooo he is so handsome!!!),Laetitia from Mademoiselle Robot and Audrey from Frassy are here as is Disney Roller Girl (it is like a Eurostar/Paris reunion). I am just loving it- will report back more tonight!
    p.s. Am typing this on a MAC Air and it has spell check on the comments section AND your little photos are coming up when you comment. This does NOT happen on my piece of crap PC- grrrrrrr. I need a MAC!!!!

  9. Oh my goodness, Congratulations!!!
    Keep us posted of when your photos come out in print please! ♥

  10. Oh- My- GOD!!

    Vanessa im so happy for you! you so deserve it :) and this is just the begining ;)

    It's Clara btw, was about to email you then i thought I'd chek the blog, so glad I did.

    Enjoy!!!!!!!! xxxxx

  11. congrats you deserve it!

  12. Mega congrats, what a great gig! I've been reading your blog and pics for ages now, definitely one to watch! x

  13. I havnt been commenting much, but I've LOVED your LFW coverage, better than half the stuff that came down the runway :)
    Oh and major congrats, you def deserve it!