Saturday, 19 September 2009

Running With The Fash Pack...London Fashion Week SS 2010

Holllllla!!! It is almost 2am and the first day of London Fashion Week SS 2010 is OVER!! And I survived....although my feet feel as if they did not ;-)

I am so tired that I think I may be sleeptyping so this is going to be brief, very brief.

I had a fantastic day today- it was so nice to catch up with people I have met/photographed before and to meet so many new people. Normally it takes me a couple of days to really get into the swing of things but today things just seemed to fall into place so fingers crossed it continues for the rest of LFW.

Highlight of my day? Sass and Bide show tonight at The Dairy near Russell Square. It was amazing to have the opportunity to go (I had a ticket so I was actually sitting down rather than in the photographers pen) since they normally show in New York. Some of the pieces were just beautiful- skintight crème, black and loads of metal accents. Front Row? Garance and The Sart, Lara Bingle, Kit Willow (from Willow), Camilla (from Camilla and Marc), Pippa Holt from Vogue.

Roll on Day 2! I'm off to bed.xx

p.s. I shot this model as she came out of the Eun Jeong show. I LOVED the hair and makeup for this collection.


  1. Bonjour Mr Antonio! Ooooooo so nice to hear a lovely comment this morning...I honestly feel like I have had NO SLEEP! I can't believe I used to cram for exams, get 1 hour sleep, do the exam and then go out partying. Now I would fall asleep in the exam, I think!

  2. Oh my, her hair! I will be a red head in one of my future lives. For sure :-)

  3. Love the flower, artfully unkempt hair and untied shoes. Delightful.

  4. I LOVE !
    It's so beautiful so street so chic ....<3<3

  5. I think you must be beautiful inside to picture something like this every day.
    kiss from Croatia.marijana

  6. Dear Vanessa, must be a wonderful experience to 'just' visit these kind of shows, see The Sart and Garance sitting, feel the fashion spirit all around you ect ect! Please keep us updated everyday! Denimgirl