Wednesday 30 September 2009

Running With The Fash Pack...London Fashion Week SS 2010

Scarlett Valentine, at the Jeremy Scott show*.
I asked Scarlett if she would mind kind of climbing the fence for the photo and the poor thing almost impaled herself on one of the spikes- owwww!!! I felt so bad as I have done it myself (of course I wasn't doing anything illegal ;)) and I know it hurts like crazy. Sorry Scarlett- thanks for being such a great sport and laughing about it after :))
I didn't realise that Jeremy does an iconic Pliage bag each season for Longchamp (hellllloooo where have I been?!) until I photographed a guy with one last week. It was the Jeremy Scott gold credit card Pliage bag which I thought was super cute. From the photos, I also love the Poodle bag from a few seasons ago and the new one, available now, the telephone print bag. It has a very Get Smart feel to it!


  1. Great shots nice to see 3 aspects of a person and look. So impressed you have a Nikon, I'm saving for one, it seems against the tide of Canons.

  2. Hi Vanessa,
    i Just read you profile and it says your are supposed to be in São paulo inseptember... i know its octobrer 1st, but i live in São Paulo,maybe you are still here... and i always check your blog and love it!

  3. Thanks so much everyone!
    Jaime&AlicePleasance- I just read about the 3 new Chanel lipsticks: Obscure, Hysteria and Maniac which sound divine- inky, sheer blacks with a little pop of colour in want, me want :))
    Make Do Style- thanks so much MDS. Ha ha- yeah, so many of the other street style photographers seem to use Canons- I actually really love the Canon colour but I am sticking with the Nikon cos that is what my lenses are. Let me know which one you get! And remember that you can get good deals on secondhand ones....
    Kat-oooooo Kat- I WISH I was in Sao Paulo right now but I am in here in London. I was just putting out some big hints to my husband that I NEED to go to Sao Paulo in my LOVING RIGHT NOW section:))))
    Barbara Frankie- I really,really like those Longchamp bags he does- collectors items but also highly wearable (and desirable).He has a sense of humour which I like very much :))

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