Tuesday 29 September 2009

Running With The Fash Pack...London Fashion Week SS 2010

Ahhhh the gorgeous Yasmin Sewell....The thing about Yasmin (and the reason why everyone loves to photograph her) is that she always, always looks amazing..... I strongly suspect that Yasmin would even look good in a Snuggie!*. She wears things that suit her shape, her hair and skin colour but, more importantly, she looks comfortable and confident. Yasmin doesn't look like she has just whizzed around the floors of Liberty (where she is Chief Creative Consultant) randomly pulling on the latest designer items: what she wears is her own personal style and one suspects that she mixes pieces she has had in her (extraordinary) wardrobe for a long time with new, interesting pieces.

Love the lady-tweed trousers she is sporting here with the exaggerated shoulder top. We might not have Yasmin's budget for clothes (it is her job, after all) but we can certainly be inspired by what she wears and find our own interpretations on the high street and in vintage stores.

*Those weird blankets with sleeves that became strangely popular last year- you can even get one for your doggie. Crikey!


  1. You're so true! And my goal for the weekend will be to find a pair of pants that suits me at least 1/3 good as those ones suit her :-)

  2. *sigh*, if she started a school teaching her style, I'll be there, haha!

  3. I love this picture! Great job taking it and the subject is amazing...she looks stunning with those shoulders and details!

    U ROCK with that CAMERA! Love love ur blog.


  4. LOVE this outfit. Everything works. Hair included.

    Amazing how hair counts so heavily for the final flourish.

    Your pics continue to make me want to save for the camera upgrade ; )

    Karen x

  5. Jingle- ha ha! I love it: a Yasmin Sewell school of style! OMG, can you imagine how many women would sign up for that?! It would be like the line-up for the Vivienne Westwood Anglomania show :))
    AlicePleasance- let me know how it goes!ooooo just thinking that a pair of tweedy-trousers like these would look good with the new vintage glasses you bought?
    Rhianna and Karen- *sigh* yeah, she is just so stylish, huh? Everything just works so perfectly together AND she is so nice as well (particularly as EVERYONE wants to photograph her during Fashion Week/s). On the Friday night at Sass&Bide (I think it was the fri night?) she looked stunning in this really gorgeous chocolate brown dress- unfortunately it was darkish and my photo turned out blurry so I don't really want to post it :((
    Maury- thank you so much!!! I wish I had taken a close-up shot as Yasmin was actually wearing electric blue eyeliner which looked fab! Who would have thought electric blue eyeliner could look so good since the 80's!

  6. this is the way to wear this seasons mens trend, tailoring, and this seasons womens trend, the 'new shoulder' as Elle calls it, with grace and confidence.