Tuesday 29 September 2009

Running With The Fash Pack...London Fashion Week SS 2010

Alex Dunstan, model with Select, at LFW.

These photos are in homage to
we could grow up together who is already living the photographic dream :)

Check out his blog for beautiful photographs of beautiful boys and beautiful things.

Argh. So need to make sure my Longchamp Le Pilage is OUT OF SHOT when taking photos!


  1. handsome!



  2. Jesus - what amazing black and white shots.

    That blog link is outstanding. Talk about inspiring as well.

    Karen x

  3. Sweet Things and nickythegreatest- :))))
    Karen- aren't his photos just amazing?? He is such a gifted photographer and has obviously found his niche. I think he uses a film camera which makes me want to learn to use film just that little bit more....

  4. awwwwww, u are the sweetest V!
    The first thing that i was drawn to when i visited you site today was Alex's hair and eyes!
    then my eyes watered a lil when i read what you wrote.
    and now im obsessed with the little stars on his underwear, :: giggles ::

  5. Fantastic photo,(the first one) he looks like a male penelope cruz, LOVE!
    But WHY???!!! do you have a Longchamp Le Pilage, anything Longchamp does should be banned from the fashion world, sorry!