Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Running With The Fash Pack...Paris Fashion Week SS 2010

The sublime Anna Dello Russo outside the Louis Vuitton show. The day before, at the Chloe show, was the first time I have ever laid eyes on Anna in "real life" and I was just so excited! It is one thing to see photos of these amazing women in magazines and on blogs but quite another to see them in the flesh: to hear them talk, to watch them move, to see what they are wearing up close, to be able to photograph them is simply breathtaking.

p.s. I had an awful "brain freeze" moment just as I was about to take these photos....as I watched Anna walk towards me I thought, okay, now or never: I really want a photo of her in that dress and those shoes (and do you note her diamond earrings?!), I need to ask NOW. So I lurched forward with my camera, took a deep breath and said "Um, Anna, would you mind etc etc etc" but as I said it I was thinking "Oh sh*t, is her name really Anna? Bl*ddy heck, maybe I'm thinking of the other Anna...oh god, how hideously embarrassing- I will be blacklisted forevermore!" Luckily Anna is Anna and all was well :))

p.s.s. I am really conscious of getting people's names right particularly after I watched some paparazzi yelling "Rhianna, Rhianna, over here, over here" as Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child exited the car......


  1. I need to get me some legs like that!

    ...I know what you mean about the names, I cannot believe they were shouting Rhianna, there is seriously no resemblance!

  2. She looks so very fantastic !