Tuesday 24 November 2009

New York Street Style...Hanneli Mustaparta

Jumpsuit for the Girls.

The ever beautiful Hanneli Mustaparta on the streets of Soho, New York, wearing smooshy, velvety goodness from H&M....and Zara shoes....oh yeah and that little 'ole Alexander Wang handbag ;)

Hanneli was another person I just randomly bumped into in Soho! Sometimes it really does feel like a small world out there.... p.s. Did not desert blog readers again for frolic overseas! Nope, just had a DISASTER....computer hard drive died.

Had bad, burny feeling after my last blog post that something DISASTROUS was going to happen so made sure all my photos were backed up to my external hard drive. Sure enough, 2 days after I did that I was sitting at the computer clacking away when I hear "clunk, clunk, whirp, burp, ker....plunk" and windows (I use a PC- yes, yes I KNOW I need a mac stat! No need to remind me of the obvious :) throws up some weird message and then everything goes black. As did my mind. Lots of huffing, puffing, choice words, panicked phone calls to my computer technician later (am I the only one who has a computer technician on speed dial?) and it was obvious that my computer had breathed its last little RAM-y breath. Probably just to spite me because it senses how much I despise it.

All my photos were safe (thank the Lord for my external drives) but my operating system, photoshop, lightroom etc all had to be reinstalled.....oh and appear to have lost all of husband's i-tunes purchases :( Complete and utter nightmare- I almost need a vodka gimlet just thinking about it..... Anyhow, I am back up and running again BUT if you are reading this and thinking gee, I haven't backed up to an external drive for awhile.. DO IT, DO IT NOW!


  1. velvet, love it. finally velvet on something other than a bodycon dress!


  2. I agree! I was just saying today how I am really in a velvet mood - she looks hot!

  3. Finally you are back with us! marvellous news...loving the photos. now, where's my external hard drive! xx

  4. l lovee body suits, like, alot.
    hanneli mustaparta has a gooooood blog.

    i like this, the scenery makes it.


    isabella blue

  5. very lovely. i lost everything when my mac died on me about a year ago - and had a midterm the next day.. not pretty. glad your intuition kicked in at a good time!

  6. Hmmmmph- I realised after I posted this that it is really dungarees, not a jumpsuit! Anyway, Hanneli looks gorgeous in it no matter what it is called :)

    Curiouser and Curiouser- I am now on high alert from ANY little sound from my computer....today I saw some lights flashing on the front of the tower which I haven't seen before: am thinking I really need to invest in some off-site storage as the stress of another computer crash would just about do my head in!

    Roxanne- oh my word, you poor thing: my head would have IMPLODED if that had happened the day before an exam! Umm particularly as I am diehard crammer and always leave studying until the last minute...like 2am the day OF the exam :))

  7. I love her fantastic hairstyle!!!

  8. I love her hair cut, and hope she keeps this way for a little longer. I have not seen new pictures of her lately so maybe she already has cut again or in process of growing back longer.

    She is just so adorable.

  9. haha. You seemed so in panic, eh. btw, Hanneli has a beautiful smile and great sense of style. This black jumpsuit suits her well. :)

    Cathy@nursing scrubs

  10. Love the first picture, she looks adorable! :)