Tuesday 24 November 2009

New York Street Style...Stars and Stripes

Okay, so she really isn't wearing any stars.....but we can pretend just a little bit, huh? :)

I took this somewhere in Soho (maybe Mott Street?), New York near one of the best coffee shops I came across, Gimme Coffee. Brilliant coffee, really friendly staff AND they are open nice and early which is great if you are suffering from jet lag and need a wee caffeine jolt to boost your energy levels.

We stayed in midtown at the Wellington Hotel (great location if you want somewhere near Central Park and Times Square, but hideous, hideous bed linen: the sheets were so wafty and thin {I'm sure they were about 50 thread count} that they kept untucking the whole night and sliding around the bed. Not fun, especially when jet lagged) but I think if we were lucky enough to go back again, we will stay somewhere Downtown which feels more relaxed and "homey".


  1. I really love this outfit -- it's so simple yet effortlessly chic.

    Great blog :) -JoAnn