Friday, 4 December 2009

New York Street Style...Williamsburg, Brooklyn

I really liked Brooklyn, NYC, although I only got to see a teensy bit of it.....hopefully next time I visit New York I will be able to spend more time exploring the different neighbourhoods.

Apart from a wander across the Brooklyn Bridge (a must-do when visiting NYC) and a stroll along Brooklyn Heights Promenade and down through Dumbo (with a pit stop at Grimaldi's pizzeria* under the Brooklyn Bridge followed by steaming hot chocolate at Jacques Torres), I most enjoyed poking around the shops in Williamsburg.

There are loads of vintage shops dotted throughout Williamsburg but one I really liked was Malin Landaeus where I took the photos (above and directly below). Not only does Malin stock loads of vintage (not super cheap but not budget/mind-blowingly expensive either) but also some very pretty,quirky** jewellery by New Yorker Erica Weiner. I was eyeing off her ivory wood link necklace which I thought looked very Marni-esque at a fraction of the price.

My other favourite stores in the short time I had to look around were Bird in Grand street and CatBird on Bedford Avenue where, given the chance, I would have bought one of everything! I loved the CatBird tiny little gold alphabet studs (would it be terribly gauche to have a "v" in one ear and a "j" in the other?!), Blanca Monros Gomez's monogram necklace, Candace Ang's feather necklaces and all the vintage-looking journals and notebooks. In the end the lovely Leigh sold me a sepia plate with a beautiful photograph from the American photographer, L.A Huffman, of High Bear, Ogallalla Sioux, 1879, which I adore.

Loved these two super cool Williamsburg smoothies, Itzhak and Frankie leone, who I met just outside the L train on Bedford Avenue.

p.s. Williamsburg seems to be the home of iced coffee- everywhere I looked people were either getting one "to go" or sipping them in cafe's. I can't remember where I got mine from but it was very good.

*Definitely not the best pizza I have ever tasted BUT it is hugely popular (as evidenced by the long line of people waiting for tables at lunchtime and the amount of take-away pizza chugging out the door), and is well worth a visit for the atmosphere alone. We were particularly chuffed when the Men At Work song "Down Under" came on while we were waiting for our pie and I believe that there is some rather unfortunate footage of me merrily singing along sitting on a video camcorder somewhere :)

**For something a little bit different for your beloved this Christmas, check out Erica's fox penis bone necklace or her porcupine quill pendant!


  1. that dress is pretty intense. i like it, it looks soo cool with the white shoes

    isabella blue

  2. A great ice-breaker, no doubt. I wish I can wear that pendant and when asked what it is, I can keep a straight face while saying, "Oh this? "it's a fox penis bone". Mwahaha.

  3. Ohhhh. I love that blue velvet dress. It's awesome! williamsburg is def the place to be now it seems. And funny observation with the iced coffees...hehe

  4. Bella Blue and thehautepursuit-I really liked it as well although I was also fascinated by her jewellery- she was just slinging on those necklaces while I was wandering around the store.
    Thehautepursuit-hee hee- yeah, I was watching everyone wandering around with the iced coffee's and thought, I have to try one!
    Anon- But of course!!! That would be BRILLIANT at a party wouldn't it?! You just start casually fiddling with it around your neck while chatting to someone and the fun begins ;-)

  5. Thanks for the shout out! I LOVE Catbird!

  6. just came across your blog - love it and love that you visited my neighborhood (williamsburg) and enjoyed it as much as you did!