Friday, 18 December 2009

Running With The Fash Pack....London Fashion Week SS 2010

A little tease for those of you freezing your tushies off in the UK (and a sign of things to come for SS 2010: yes we really will have to be blowing the dust off our long-forgotten Stairmasters, Treadmills and Ellipticals following the Christmas hibernation period...sigh ;))

Megan Pascal (above) in short

Ece Sukan (Vogue Turkey) in shorter

And this gorgeous girl (in Jasper Conran) in shortest!


  1. great photos!:) totally love the first outfit with that chic and cute looking skirt!:)

  2. Love the first, espec the print of her skirt.
    And isn't she gorgeous too!

  3. Love how she rocks those purple pleats against an asymetrical blouse and don't the horizontal yellow ones bear a faint resemblance to a recent post on my blog? All the ladies project such joie de vivre. Saluting the stylish is so much fun!

  4. Any idea where megan got those shoes??
    Great photos!

  5. oohh I ove the first girl's skirt...where is it from???it's soo lovely :)

  6. iheartdresses- thank you!!
    Luccie- she is gorgeous isn't she- I think her smile is fantastic:)))
    Cameron- You always word things so elegantly Cameron! Love it: "saluting the stylish!!!" A great name for a blog,perhaps???!!!
    Anon (x2)- Oh dear guys I have no idea where Megan got her booties or her skirt....sorry :((( Lets hope she spots this post and lets us know. I will try my hardest to start noting down exactly what labels people are wearing.