Sunday 20 December 2009

Stockholm Street Style...Marion

The beautiful Marion from Marion Rocks blog who I met randomly in Paris earlier this year. Marion has since moved to Stockholm to study and I was able to catch up with her when I went to Stockholm :)
p.s. Check-out Marion's latest post featuring the fab Filippa Smeds- LOVE the photos of Filippa in THE SNOW!


  1. She's definitely very pretty!
    Thank you for your great blog!
    Discovered it not long ago and looooove it :)

  2. Thanks so much FG :))

    Golly, I just clicked on the news and can't believe that Brittany Murphy as passed away...just shocking :(

  3. WOW!!!! What happened??? I'm going to read...

  4. Beautiful photograph .. beautiful girl .. youth is just wonderful in any light .. But you have captured this light perfectly ..
    I have just read your comment about Brittany Murphy have no idea what happened going to check..
    Merry Christmas x

  5. Wow, a reader just put a comment on my blog to tell my I was on your blog (and to ask me where do my tights were from ^^ -H&M-) !
    I'm like... WOW !!!! Thanks a lot for these beautiful photos ! It is always a pleasure to see how a photographer take pictures of me, the result is always different, I love it !
    That was a pleasure to meet you again :)
    See you for the next Stockholm Fashion Week , right ?
    Have nice holidays !

  6. she's so pretty, off to check out her blog now...

    (I can't believe it about Brittany Murphy either, so sad...)

  7. i love Marion and her style, she's amazing :) and i'm shocked about that brittany too!

  8. she's so cute, love her boots :)

  9. Hey everyone, thanks so much for your lovely comments- and most of all thank you Marion for allowing me to take your photograph :)) Fingers and toes crossed I will be back to Stockholm in Feb for Fashion Week by Berns.

  10. Incredible light in this photo. Sorry - I am blog stalking . . . going back into your archives. But your photos are so damn inspirational!